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Tres Lunas

Release Date: June 3, 2002
Location: Roughwood Croft, additional parts at Plan 1 Studios, Munich

Tres Lunas cover

01. Misty 03:58
02. No Mans Land 06:06
03. Return To The Origin 04:39
04. Landfall 02:17
05. Viper 04:32
06. Turtle Island 03:41
07. To Be Free 04:22
08. Fire Fly 03:46
09. Tr3s Lunas 04:35
10. Daydream 02:15
11. Thou Art In Heaven 05:23
12. Sirius 05:47
13. No Mans Land Reprise 02:54
Bonus Track
13. To Be Free Radio Edit 03:56

Produced by Mike Oldfield

Assistant Engineer: Ben Darlow

Vocals: Sally Oldfield (spoken)
Jude Sim

Percussion programming: Philip Lewis
Thomas Süssmair

Mike Oldfield plays...
Believed to be...
Electric Guitars, Spanish Guitar, Bass Guitar, Synthesisers, Mandolin, Grand Piano.

Recorded at Roughwood Studios, with additional parts at Plan 1 Studios, Munich

Cover by Ian Ross for Bill Smith Studio, from an original concept by Hans Claesson of Kebawe , art direction by Bill Smith


Since the early-mid 1990s, Mike had been experimenting with interactive environments to supplement and compliment his music. The first example of this was the interactive segment of The Songs of Distant Earth CD, which centered around a small puzzle which gave access to some video clips. Mike wanted to go further than this, and began working on something he called the 'Interactive Video Album', using powerful Silicon Graphics computers to create virtual worlds which worked in conjunction with the music. Serious development of the ideas was held off until computer technology was at a stage where the average home PC was powerful enough for users to be able to explore Mike's virtual 3D worlds in real time. Tres Lunas sees Mike's interactive video album's arrival in homes around the world, under the project name of Music Virtual Reality (previously called both Sonic Reality, and Sonic VR before the name of Music VR was settled on). Sold as a two CD set, one disc contains the interactive element, while the other contains the album of music based on that featured in the game.

For a further look behind the scenes of Music VR, be sure to read my interview with its programmer, Colin Dooley.

'Thou Art in Heaven' is based on a piece which Mike composed for his millennium concert in Berlin. The track, known first as 'Berlin 2000' then later 'Art in Heaven' (the name of the company who organised the concert and accompanying light show) began with a theme from 'In the Beginning' (from 'The Songs of Distant Earth') and ended with Beethoven's Ode to Joy, and in-between those featured a section from which the basis for 'Thou Art in Heaven' was lifted.

© Richard Carter 2002


Ben Darlow (assistant engineer)

Also appears in: Guitars, The Millennium Bell

Amar (musician)

Also appears in: Tubular Bells III

Sally Oldfield (musician)

Mike's older sister, who formed a duo named Sallyangie with him when he was 15. She went on to have a successful career as a solo artist.

This is the first time that Sally, Mike's sister, has worked with him since 'Incantations'. Sally recorded the spoken instructions in the Music VR game, some of which Mike sampled and incorporated into the music on Tres Lunas.

Also appears in: Tubular Bells, Incantations, Tubular Bells 2003

Jude Sim (musician)

A session singer, especially active on the London jazz circuit. Jude is frequently booked as a backing singer, having appeared alongside artists such as Björk. Jude also has her own group, Bellacapella, who have appeared on radio and TV in the UK. She provides the vocals for 'To Be Free'.

Philip Lewis (synth programmer)

Thomas Süssmair (synth programmer)

Hans Claesson (cover artwork)

Ian Ross (cover artwork)

Bill Smith (cover artwork)

Also appears in: Tubular Bells II, Voyager, Tubular Bells III, Guitars


Guitar effects
Roland VG-8 Guitar modelling processor, able to model the sounds of different guitars and other instruments. It uses a GK-series synth pickup to provide the unit with an uncoloured signal, but the VG-8 is not technically a synthesiser as it purely remodels the signal from the pickup. One was sold via ebay in December 2007, but he lists one as having been used on Tubular Bells 2003, so presumably he had a spare!
Photo Photo
Also used in Voyager, Tubular Bells III, Guitars, The Millennium Bell, Tubular Bells 2003
Clavia Nord Lead Also used in Tubular Bells III, The Millennium Bell, Tubular Bells 2003
Roland GI-10 Guitar-MIDI interface, sold via eBay in December 2007.
Used to help create the 'saxophone guitar' parts

Also used in Guitars
Roland JD-990 Rackmountable module version of the JD-800, with slightly enhanced synthesis engine, but missing its numerous sliders! [?]

Also used in The Songs of Distant Earth, Voyager, Tubular Bells III, The Millennium Bell, Tubular Bells 2003
Roland JV-2080 Digital synth module Also used in Tubular Bells 2003
Roland XP-50 Digital synthesiser workstation. Bought by a fan in 2008 from Chandler Guitars. Can be seen in the Millenium Bells DVD, used for the beats for Art In Heaven among other things.
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

Also used in Voyager, Tubular Bells III, The Millennium Bell, Tubular Bells 2003, Light + Shade
Akai S-6000 Digital rackmount sampler. [?]

Also used in Tubular Bells 2003
Coastal Acoustics Boxer T4 Also used in Tubular Bells II, The Songs of Distant Earth, Voyager, Tubular Bells III, Guitars, The Millennium Bell, Tubular Bells 2003
Coastal Acoustics Boxer T2 Large studio monitoring speakers. Also used in Tubular Bells 2003
Meyer HD-1 Nearfield monitors. Also used in Tubular Bells II, The Songs of Distant Earth, Voyager
Hard Disk Recorders
Fairlight Merlin Hard disk recorder. Also used in Tubular Bells 2003
Computer software
Native Instruments B4 Virtual Hammond B3 Organ



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