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Click here to buy this book! Mike Oldfield - A Life Dedicated to Music
Chris Dewey

Brimstone Press - ISBN 1906385351

Click here to buy this book! Changeling
The autobiography of Mike Oldfield

Virgin Books Ltd - ISBN 978 1 85227 381 1

The Making of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells
Richard Newman

Music Maker Books Ltd - ISBN 1 870951 174

Click here to buy this book! Mike Oldfield - A Man and His Music
Sean Moraghan

BookSurge Publishing - ISBN 1419649264

Click here to buy this book!

Losing My Virginity: the Autobiography
Richard Branson

Three Rivers Press - ISBN 0812932293

Music from the Darkness - Mike Oldfield, 1953-1993
Peter Evans

Mike Oldfield
José Cantos - cátedra

Note: in Spanish, contains a dozen photos, list of Spanish articles and TV appearances. 

Tubular Bells
Wise Publications - ISBN 0.86001.249.2

Contains an introduction by Karl Dallas to Mike Oldfield and his work, an analysis of 'Tubular Bells' by composer David Bedford, together with many portraits of Oldfield by David Bailey.

10 Mike Oldfield 1973 - 1983
Virgin Music - VR 80594

Tubular Bells (extract), Hergest Ridge (extract), Ommadawn (extract), Incantations (extract), Platinum (extract), QE2 (extract), Portsmouth, Guilty, Five Miles Out, Family Man, Moonlight Shadow, Crime Of Passion

Note: contains a biography, photos and discography

Mike Oldfield
International Music Publications Ltd. - ISBN 1.85909.027.3

Tubular Bells (extract), Hergest Ridge (extract), In Dulci Jubilo, Portsmouth, Crime Of Passion, Moonlight Shadow, On Horseback, Family Man

Tubular Bells II
International Music Publications Ltd. - ISBN 0.86359.949.4

Tubular Bells II - Concert Score
International Music Publications Ltd. - ISBN 1.85909.004.4

Note: Contains (almost) all the instruments tracks of the CD.

The Best Of Mike Oldfield - Elements (piano/vocal/guitar)
International Music Publications Ltd. - ISBN 1.85909.157.1

Tubular Bells, Family Man, Moonlight Shadow, Heaven's Open, Five Miles Out, To France, Foreign Affair, In Dulci Jubilo, Shadow On The Wall, Islands, Etude, Sentinel, Ommadawn, Portsmouth, Incantations, Amarok

Tubular Bells III
International Music Publications Ltd. - ISBN 1.85909.617.4

The Medici Effect
Frans Johansson

In The Medici Effect, Frans Johansson argues that we have the greatest chance to develop a groundbreaking insight at the intersection of different disciplines or cultures, in science, business, policy and the arts. He has used Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells, and some of Ommadawn as the core example to describe the book’s main concept. Thanks to Frans Johansson and Harvard Business School Press for providing excerpts of chapter 7.



Losing My Virginity
Richard Branson

"Had Mike spent the next ten years touring, like Pink Floyd, I am sure that he would have become one of the biggest rock star in the world." - Richard Branson

The Songs Of Distant Earth
Arthur C. Clarke

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