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Amadian - Mike Oldfield
The Sound Of The Bell. Complete biography, discography, videography, songbook, rarities and full covers.

Den norske Mike Oldfield siden
This is a new norwegian Mike Oldfield page. Written in norwegian. It contains full discography & biography, puzzles & questions, polls, downloads and pictures. It has become a nice looking page. And the Iraqi information-minister is there as well.

Far Above The Bells
This home page is made by fans to fans. Here you will find new images, info from the mike's tour, lyrics, files, audio and much more.
Y es en castellano!!!

Four Winds
Polish fan club. Site in Polish and English, contains biography, quotes, lyrics, live-photos, articles, fan-club news, discographies of related artists and much more. There is also a mailing list.

I updated my site...now with 750 items. More desktop screens private made, and updating when receive new items. Thanks to everybody!!!!!!

Italian Mike Oldfield's Fan Club
Mike Oldfield FanClub italiano - il più grande musicista di tutti i tempi - biografia, musica, concerti, tours e progetti - testi, immagini, forum, webring, chat e musica.

Mike Oldfield
Information about Mike: discography, biography, tabs,... It's available in Spanish and in English.

Mike Oldfield
Site web français sur Mike Oldfield avec différentes rubriques en ligne et d'autres à venir...le principale but de ce site est de réunir les fans francophones autour d'un forum (dont vous pouvez trouvez le lien sur cette page!).
Bonne visite ! ;-)

Mike Oldfield Blog
Hola. Estás invitado a visitar mi blog personal sobre Mike Oldfield. Noticias, fotos, opinión, descargas... y todo ello en castellano. Actualizado a diario.
Hello. This is my blog of Mike Oldfield, in spanish. News, photos, opinion, downloads... Update every day. Enjoy!

Mike Oldfield Fanpage
A Mike Oldfield Fanpage only in German. With news, large discographies, informations about Mike Oldfield, reviews, analyses and much more.

Since 2000, growing and updating the site. Thousands of media files, photos, videos and much more. Multiple languages.

Mike Oldfield Information Service
Dark Star magazine.

Mike Oldfield - par Fisto
French page. Contains the 'Mike Oldfield Fan Code' in its first version. Also present: an annotated discography & the French translation of the fairy tale of Amarok...

Mike Oldfield Review
Review of Mike Oldfield's every album and single for Japanese Oldfield Fans. Sorry,this site is Japanese only. There are many fans in south-east country like Japan!

Mike Oldfield Take 3
Japanese page. Mike Oldfield web site with live concerts, unreleased videos, bootlegs, etc.

Mike Oldfield: Russian fan site
Information about Mike Oldfield in Russian: biography, discography, videos, lyrics, tabs, news.

Mike Oldfield: Russian Page
Everything about Mike Oldfied in Russian.

Mike Oldfield: Vida y Obra de un genio del Siglo XX
Analizaremos todos sus discos uno a uno, escucharemos sus temas en MP3, repasaremos su biografía y descubriremos todo tipo de anécdotas sobre él y su música.

Mike Oldfield - Wikipedia
Mike Oldfield. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

German Mike Oldfield News-Service, German Forum, Newsletter, Chat. by Alexander Schweigert

Blog de Mike Oldfield en español con artículos sobre Conciertos, Apariciones en televisión, Recortes de prensa... y muchos mas artículos de Mike Oldfield.

Orabidoo - Toute l'actualité de Mike Oldfield
French blog dedicated to Mike Oldfield with news and articles about his music.

Pictures of Bonn 1999, More in the next weeks.

Taurus II 
(Content in Czech/Slovak only) Ceskoslovenska stranka o Miku Oldfiedovi. Obsahuje biografii, diskografii, clanky z tisku, texty pisni, odkazy, aktualizovane novinky a mnoho dalsich veci.

The Many Faces of Mike Oldfield
A silly page thing. Take a look...

The Norwegian Oldfield website
The Norwegian Oldfield website contains news, full discography, biography and downloads. And of course the popular competition. This time you can win a copy of the new collection album Platinum Collection.

The Site of Distant Earth
Tribute site in english, including:
- Discography
- Downloads
- Images
- Links

Tubular Bells en Bogotá
La página del proyecto para tocar por primera vez en Bogotá en vivo Tubular Bells
The website of the project to play live and for the first time in Bogtá Tubular Bells (In spanish)

Tubular CZ
Ceske stranky o Miku Oldfieldovi. Najdete zde: Novinky, Alba, Texty, Ankety, Clanky, Obaly CD, Zajimavosti, MIDI, Setrice, Skiny, diskuze o Music VR, Odkazy na jine stranky o Miku Oldfieldovi,...
Czech sites about Mike Oldfield, You can find there News, Albums, Lyrics, Dots, Questionnaires, Articles, Booklets, Interests, MIDI, Screen savers, Skins, Discussion about Music VR, link on other sites about Mike Oldfield,...

Wolf's Hergest Ridge Café
Wolf's Hergest Ridge Cafe - a virtual billabong of Oldfieldalia - dedicated to the literary and artistic contributions of the members of Amarok - The Mike Oldfield Mailing List.

Yet Another Mike Oldfield Web Site
a.k.a. The Mike Oldfield Collaborations Site. This site intends to provide lyrics, artwork and downloads of Mike's collaborations with other musicians that are not available on any other MO site.

Audio, Video, Picts
Flickr: Mike Oldfield
Flickr Mike Oldfield group.

Mike Oldfield Live Concerts and Rarities
Rarities and live concert tracks not commercially released and/or not easily available among Mike Oldfield Fans. You are encouraged to download these file links and pass them along to others!

Mike Oldfield - Music at Last.fm
Last.fm Mike Oldfield page.

Wallpapers & Graphics
Inspired by the world of Mike Oldfield.

Tabs, Lyrics, Analysis
Mike Oldfield University / omadawn.dk
Searchable discography, concerts, analysis, lyrics, obscurities/tech.

Buy & Sell
Amazon.com   Amazon.co.uk   Amazon.fr   Amazon.ca
Mike Oldfield CDs, MP3s and DVDs.
Daily updated lists of rarities.

Mike Oldfield Vinyl
Some Mike Oldfield vinyl records for sale!

Vinyl Tap Records
World Wide Rarities

Fèlix Mercader's collection.

Mike Oldfield Information Center
On my site you will find a section with extensive album and song information, some lyrics and some links. The site is also the official site for Rainer Muenz' Mike Oldfield discography. There is an online version, and the original plaintext files are available in a zipped file. I hope you'll stop by sometime and have a look... :-)

The official web site.

Mike Oldfield | Official Store at Universal Music
The official store.


Amarok Mailing List
Explains how to join the Mike Oldfield mailing list.

Deutsches Mike Oldfield Forum
German web forum.

Mike Oldfield Fan Club
If you are a fan of Mike Oldfield, feel free to join my club! It is an excellent place to discuss on Mike music, life, and whatever related!

Red Dawn 
Polish Forum dedicated to music of Mike Oldfield.

TaurusIV Mike Oldfield Wiki 
A wiki about Mike Oldfield in spanish. Biography, discography, press articles and interviews and much more to come. If you can read/write spanish, all collaborations are welcome (well, that is what a wiki is supposed to be, isn't it?)

The Alternative Mike Oldfield Group
A member based fan group. We have interviews with artists that have worked with Mike Oldfield, with more on the way. There are great discussions about Mike Oldfield and his music. Including discussions on albums with our Album of the Month. Join in and meet new friends.

The Twisted Bell
A different kind of Oldfield site, culled from the archives of the Amarok mailing list. Reviews, humour, and thoughts about music and art.

Tubular Bells Brazil
Tubular Bells Brasil - The Brazilian Mike Oldfield's Mailing List...in portuguese! Fellow friends who speak portugese are invited to join!

Tubular Girls
A mailing list about Mike Oldfield in English just for girls!

Tubular Mailing List
Site officiel de la Mailing List Francophone.
Au programme:
Comment souscrire à la liste - Archives des discussions - Présentations des membres - Encyclomikie - FAQ en français - Artwork, Music et Contributions...
... Rejoignez nous sur Tubular !

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David Bedford
The avant-guardiste composer, author of 'The Orchestral Tubular Bells'.

Adrian Belew
Singer & guitarist.

Pierre Moerlen
Drums and percussion.

Tom Newman
Producer of Tubular Bells, Amarok, etc.

Sally Oldfield

Terry Oldfield

Barry Palmer

Maggie Reilly

Mickey Simmonds

Viv Stanshall
'Tubular Bells' Master of Ceremonies.

Miriam Stockley

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