Recent Additions

Ascension by Eduardo C.
Incantations Part 4 [also sheet music] (starting at 08:10) by Pedro Couto e Santos
Ommadawn (Montreux live) by Michael Grützner
Return To Ommadawn Part 2 (15:10) by Jan Pinter

Tubular Bells

Tubular Bells Intro by Claus Hofmann
Tubular Bells Intro by Steve
Tubular Bells Intro (bass) by Morti
Tubular Bells Extract 1 by Claus Hofmann
Tubular Bells Extract 2 (04:33 to 05:16) by j-p
Tubular Bells Extract 3 (05:52 to 07:40) by Ivens Huertas
Tubular Bells Extract 4 (09:40 to 10:04) by nico
Tubular Bells Extract 5 (16:16 to 17:01) by nico
Tubular Bells Part 1 (Montreux live) by nico
Spanish Guitar and introducing Acoustic Guitar by Alnilam
Part 2 Harmonic Intro by Alnilam
Bass by Julien Nadeau
Caveman (bass) nico

Hergest Ridge
Hergest Ridge Part 1 by nico
Hergest Ridge Part One (Guitar & Oboe) by Nino Bosnic
Begining of Part 1 by Mickey Stein
Begining of Part 1 by CHuLoYo
Part 1 (09:47 to 11:03) by Chelfyn Baxter
Part 1 (11:06 to 11:45) by Eterna2ct
End of Part 1 Solo (16:20 to 18:29) by nico
End of Part 2 Solo (12:27 to the end) by nico
On Horseback by Luca Celano
End Of Part 2 (bass) (11:46 to the end) by Luca Celano
Ommadawn (Montreux live) by nico
Ommadawn (Montreux live) by Michael Grützner
Incantations Part 3 solo (PDF) by Michael Stanton
Incantations Part 3 by Zheka
Incantations Part 4 Solo by Claus Hofmann
Incantations Part 4 [also sheet music] (starting at 08:10) by Pedro Couto e Santos
Incantations Part 4 (08:26 to 09:48) by nico
Incantations Part 4 (14:44 to 15:05) by David Chaves
Incantations Part 4 by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Incantations Part 4 by CHuLoYo
Tubular Bells Intro by Geinoh

Platinum (live) Extract 1 (00:06 to 01:12) by nico
Platinum (live) Extract 2 (10:55 to 13:20) by nico
Platinum Part 3 (bass) by Michael Gruetzner
North Star by Lorenzo Montero

Conflict Solo by David Chaves
Conflict (Montreux live) by nico
Arrival by Flavien Everaert
Molly by Smaointe
Molly by CHuLoYo
Five Miles Out

Taurus II by Gonzalo Quero Diez
Taurus II by Nicolás Blánquez
Orabidoo (07:50 to 08:32) by AXzander Focus
Orabidoo (finale) by Juha Kauppinen
Orabidoo (finale) by Jose Alberto Palomino Jimenez
Mount Teidi by David Clavijo
Five Miles Out by Steve Farrell

Crises by Smaointe
Moonlight Shadow by Claus Hofmann
Moonlight Shadow by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Taurus III by Chris Lukassen
Taurus III by PerfectStranger
Shadow On The Wall by Carlos Cuevas
Crystal Gazing by Adrián Sandoval & Alejandro Arzola
To France by Claus Hofmann & Pasha Efimov
To France (mandolin) by Luca Celano
Tricks Of The Light by Luca Celano
The Lake by Lukas Kozesnik
The Lake (acoustic) by Matej Bošanský
The Killing Fields
Pran's Theme by Branko Gredelj
Etude by Robert Pavlovic
The Complete Mike Oldfield
Waldberg (The Peak) by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Islandsby David Clavijo
Earth Moving
Holy by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Far Country by Smaointe
Amarok (05:44) by Eterna2ct
Amarok, Fast Riff by Casper Budtz-Jorgensen
Amarok, Fast Waltz by Ougo
Amarok, Lion Reprise by nico
Amarok (39:10) by jAB
Scot (11:33 - 12:45) by Patrick Gerhardt
Amarok, Boat Reprise Solo (42:29) by Alnilam
Amarok, FlamencoPart (39:10) by Smaointe
Heaven's Open

No Dream by Smaointe
Music From The Balcony by Smaointe

Tubular Bells II

Sentinel by Olle Häger
Sentinel by Patrick Gerhardt
Dark Star by Lorenzo Montero
Dark Star by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Blue Saloon by Patrick Gerhardt
Blue Saloon by Michel Aubry
Sunjammer by Claus Hofmann
Red Dawn by nico
Red Dawn by Moisés Ferrer Serra
The Bell by Lorenzo Montero
The Bell by David Clavijo
The Bell by Slim Shady Drå At Helvete
The Bell (2 sample electric guitars) by Michael Gruetzner
The Bell (live) by Calum F. Benson
The Bell (bass solo) by Luca Celano
Platinum Part 3 (bass) by Michael Gruetzner
Weightless by David Clavijo
Weightless by Patrick Gerhardt
The Great Plain by Kasper Hjorth
Sunset Door by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Tatoo by Claus Hofmann
Altered State by brophis@eircom.net
Maya Gold by Patrick Gerhardt

The Songs Of Distant Earth
Let There Be Light by CHuLoYo
Let There Be Light by Lukas Kozesnik
Magellan by Olle Häger
Crystal Clear by Dave
Crystal Clear by Crisun
Ascension by Eduardo C.
The Song Of The Sun by David Clavijo
The Song Of The Sun by Michel Aubry
Celtic Rain by David Clavijo
Women Of Ireland by David Clavijo
The Voyager by Ray Procter
She Moves Through the Fair by David Clavijo
Dark Island by Kamil Frankiewicz
Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings by Máté
Mont St Michel by Marcin Szojda
Tubular Bells III
The Source Of Secretsby David Clavijo
The Source Of Secrets by David Bruce
The Watchful Eye by David Bruce
Jewel In The Crown by David Bruce
Jewel In The Crown by Patrick Gerhardt
Serpent Dream by nico
Serpent Dream by David Chaves
The Inner Child by David Bruce
The Inner Child by KeltiK
Man In The Rain by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Man In The Rain by David Clavijo
The Top Of The Morning (GP4) by Jonathan Gagné
Far Above The Clouds by Ivens Huertas
Far Above The Clouds by CHuLoYo
Muse by Patrick van den Udenhout
Muse by David Clavijo
Muse by Lorenzo Montero
Cochise by David Clavijo
Cochise by Lorenzo Montero
Embers & From The Ashes by Wojciech Babiñski
Summit Day by Wojciech Babiñski
Summit Day by Smaointe
Out Of Sight by Zheka
B. Blues by Flavien Everaert
Four Winds by Lorenzo Montero
Four Winds (North Wind) by Ivens Huertas
Enigmatism by Russell Hart
Out Of Mind by Bella Gabor
The Millennium Bell
Peace On Earth by David Clavijo
Pacha Mama by David Clavijo
Excalibur by KeltiK
Lake Constance by David Clavijo
Lake Constance by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Mastermind by David Clavijo
Mastermind (Live in Berlin) by Nicolás Blánquez
Broad Sunlit Uplands by Olle Häger
Liberation by David Clavijo
Amber Light by Nicolás Blánquez
Tres Lunas
No Mans Land by Jose Alberto Palomino Jimenez
No Mans Land by Maximilien Lormier
Turtle Island by Gonzalo Quero Diez
Turtle Island by Pavol Palfy
To Be Free by David Clavijo
Tres Lunas by David Chaves
Daydream by Ivan Ugarte
Daydream by Geinoh
Thou Art In Heaven by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Music VR
First Steps by ARCOSS
First Steps by David Clavijo
Flyrose by Geinoh
Snow Cavern Flight by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Daliphant by Roman Davydoff
Tubular Bells 2003
Tubular Bells 2003 by Michel Aubry
Bagpipe Guitars by Máté
Bagpipe Guitars by David Chaves
Light + Shade
Angelique by (*<Islands>*)
Sunset by KeltiK
Romance by bels_mike
Près de toi by KeltiK
Return To Ommadawn
Return To Ommadawn Part 2 (15:10) by Jan Pinter
Blue Peter by Wojciech Babiñski
Wonderful Land by Claus Hofmann
In The Pool by Claus Hofmann
Jungle Gardenia by Claus Hofmann
In Dulci Jubilo by Ivens Huertas
Cuckoo Song by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Crime Of Passion by Lukas Kozesnik
Crime Of Passion by Luca Celano
Pictures In The Dark by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Portsmouth by Olle Häger
Portsmouth (Live In Berlin) by Moisés Ferrer Serra
Argiers by Zephro Carnelian

The tablatures are in plain text format. If you have tablatures not listed here, please send them to webmaster@tubular.net. Thanks!

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  Patches for Zoom 505
by Hans Claesson

Guitar/organ patch
Dark Star / Tubular Bells II

EQ 22

Octaver patch (guitar/bass)
The Bell (intro) / Tubular Bells II

EQ 3
DLV / REV r9


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