Transcription of a web chat on BBC Radio 2

July 31, 2002

BBC Radio 2 web chat

David > Do you still fly radio control aircraft?
Mike > Yes, I'm building a radio control model Helicopter at the moment

Toby > Mike, what's a good hangover cure?
Mike > A good hangover cure is go riding on the Welsh hillsides - slowly!!
Toby > On a horse?
Mike > Yep, a horse

Steve > If you were starting your career again today... do you reckon you'd "make it" with the way the music industry is in the UK?
Mike > No way I'd make it now - I'd have to learn to dance for a start

Johan > For every new release, I know the expectations among the fans are very high. And I guess the companies wants you to do another best-seller. Do you feel you are under a lot of pressure?
Mike > They can all go and get stuffed :)

Meddler > Looking back over the last 30 years (and excluding Tr3s Lunas), which album gives you most pleasure now? And why?
Mike > The Millennium Bell - because of the concert in Berlin

Frank > Will you ever perform live with Jean Michel Jarre?
Mike > Yea, why not - my French isn't too bad :)

Ciondolo > Who can tell me when tres lunas will be released in Italy?
Mike > It has been released in Italy as far as I know - it was in the charts

David > Can we look forward to a UK tour in the near future?
Mike > Maybe a London concert in May

Sandra > What's your favourite animal?
Mike > My new horse Misty

Ollie > Mike - learnt how to play any new instruments recently?
Mike > The nourthumbrian Bagpipes

Toby > Have you still got your parrot?
Mike > The parrot died. I'm looking for a new one
Toby > Get an African Grey they're good talkers
Mike > I'm thinking of an Amazon Parrot

Frank > How many instruments do you play now, Mike?
Mike > I'm playing my teeth now

Jerome > Are you sometimes serious?
Mike > Only when I'm drunk :)

Frank > How was your cup of tea?
Mike > It's BBC coffee - is very strong

Joe > In the late 80's there were rumours of you perhaps working with Michael Jackson, any truth to them?
Mike > Yes, Michael Jackson called me but I scared him, because I was rude to him

Johan > Were you actually photographed at the beach on the cover-picture of Incantations. Or is the picture of you just put on top?
Mike > I was really there on the beach in Minorca

Giuseppe > What can I do to meet you?
Mike > Meet me as an avatar in MusicVR

Andrew > Mike, is it true you sold your Ibizan villa to Noel Gallagher when you moved to Formentera?
Mike > Yes, but I think he has sold it again

Chris > Mike, what music inspires you these days, are you still into folk?
Mike > I don't like music I like peace and quiet

Brian > What was it like chatting to Arthur C Clarke?
Mike > It was a real honour - he's a brilliant table tennis player

Joe > Do you still play squash Mike?
Mike > I play squash every tuesday

Nick > Which football team do you support?
Mike > I support Reading, where I was born

David > What's the truth about the three notes track in Tr3s Lunas? Is there really a three note only track on this album?
Mike > Yes it's called Misty

Obi > Mike, apart from playing squash, how do you stay in shape?
Mike > Swimming everyday, lots of spicy food and draft Guiness

Tati > What's it like showing off MVR to fans everyday online?
Mike > The avatar meetings are fantastic but I get too many people and my machine crashes

Chris > Mike, I am composing on PC with cubasis, what do you use?
Mike > I use notator logic

John > What's this Avatar thing?
Mike > Look at Music VR which comes with Tres Lunas

Misty > In question that telepatic game, when released?
Mike > I'd like your ideas on that please

*Mike plays a little game and asks: "what am I holding in my hand now?"*
Nobody guessed right so Mike said "it was headphones"

Tati > Why you decided to put these communities section on It's very interesting and make us to think about your life.
Mike > Just wanted something for lonnies to give their ideas. I'm one as well by the way

Brandon > What other musicians would you like to work with in the future?
Mike > Lots but they are all dead

Joe > So who would you have worked with, given the chance?
Mike > Mozart

Nick > Would you work with Mozart if he were alive today?
Mike > Don't know about working, but we would certainly get drunk together :)

David > Have you had a chance to hear the fan-mixed versions of your music which are available online? Especially Tres Lunas mixes
Mike > I haven't heard them. Are they any good?

Toby > Who could drink who under the table then?
Mike > I think Mozart would win :)

Adam > Will the first recording of TB you showed all the record companies ever see the light of day?
Mike > I just discovered the original demos - I'm thinking of putting them out next year

Mike > Sorry guy I have to go now. Thank you for all your questions, sorry I couldn't answer them all. Keep listening to Radio 2, I'm on the air next :)

Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield