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Light + Shade

Release Date: September 26, 2005
Location: Roughwood Croft

Light + Shade cover


1. Angelique 04:40
2. Blackbird 04:39
3. Closer 02:51
4. First Steps 10:02
5. Our Father 06:50
6. Rocky 03:19
7. Sunset 04:47
8. The Gate 04:14


1. Quicksilver 05:55
2. Resolution 04:33
3. Slipstream 05:15
4. Surfing 05:36
5. Tears Of An Angel 05:38
6. Romance 04:00
7. Ringscape 04:22
8. Nightshade 05:11

Fender Strat (pink) 1963
Paul Reed Smith Signature 1990
Ramirez Classical 1974
Fender Precision Bass 1964

Steinway Grand 1928

Roland and Yamaha

Mac G5 (Logic 7)
PC (Windows XP Pro with FL Studio)

Software Plugins
Glaresoft: iDrum
Linplug: Albino 2
Native Instruments: Absynth 3 / Altered States / FM7 / Morphology / Reaktor / Sounds of Polynesia / Wired
REFX: Vanguard
Spectrasonics: Atmosphere / Stylus RMX
Steinberg: Groove Agent / Hypersonic / Kantos / Slayer / XPhrase
Virtual Vocalist Software: Vocaloid / Cantor


Robin Smith (arranger)

Also appears in: Voyager, The Millennium Bell

Christopher von Deylen (musician)

Most well known by his alias 'Schiller'.


Electric guitars
1963 Fender Stratocaster, fiesta red s/n L08044. Mike once said in an interview (The Raft) that this was his favourite guitar and that he'd never sell it. However, he finally decided to part company with it in December 2007 and sold it through Chandler guitars, fetching £30,000.
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
Also used in Discovery, Amarok, Tubular Bells II, The Songs of Distant Earth, Voyager, Tubular Bells III, Tubular Bells 2003
1989 PRS Signature, Vintage Yellow A particularly high grade, limited edition, version of the Custom 24. In Vintage Yellow.
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
Also used in Earth Moving, Amarok, Tubular Bells II, The Songs of Distant Earth, Voyager, Tubular Bells III, Tubular Bells 2003, Return To Ommadawn
Nylon-string guitars
1974 Jose Ramirez 1A Traditional s/n 7987
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
Also used in The Orchestral Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge, Ommadawn, Amarok, Voyager, Tubular Bells 2003
Bass guitars
Mid 60s Fender Precision Bass, fiesta red Photo Photo
Steinway Model C Grand piano. The notes for Tubular Bells 2003 list an 8 foot Steinway grand. The model C is 7'5" 1/2", the Model D is 8'11 3/4" - it could be either of those! The frame was from the 1920s, but the piano was rebuilt. Listed as a 1928 Steinway

Also used in Voyager, Tubular Bells 2003
Roland XP-50 Digital synthesiser workstation. Bought by a fan in 2008 from Chandler Guitars. Can be seen in the Millenium Bells DVD, used for the beats for Art In Heaven among other things.
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
This is a guess - he lists a Roland under 'keyboards' and this is a Roland keyboard which he owned at that time.

Also used in Voyager, Tubular Bells III, The Millennium Bell, Tres Lunas, Tubular Bells 2003
Yamaha Tyros 1 Sold via Chandler Guitars in September 2008.
[?] This is, at a guess, the Yamaha referred to in the sleeve notes of the album.
Dynaudio AIR 20 Three way active monitor with DSP.
Mixing desks
Yamaha 01V96 Mike said that he gave this to his 3-year-old son Jake to play with (!!). sold via Chandler Guitars in September 2008.
PC running Windows XP Pro Light + Shade era
Apple PowerMac G5
Computer software
Native Instruments Absynth 3, Altered States, Morphology, Reaktor, Sounds of Polynesia, Wired Virtual instruments
Logic 7 Music editing software
Glaresoft iDrum Virtual instrument
FL Studio Music editing software
LinPlug Albino 2 Virtual instrument
reFX Vanguard 3 oscillator, 32 voice analogue modelling synth plugin.
Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Stylus RMX Virtual instruments
Steinberg Groove Agent, Hypersonic, Kantos, Slayer, XPhrase Virtual instruments
VirSy Cantor Virtual vocalist software which, unlike Vocaloid, uses pure synthesis (and not samples) to generate its voices.
Yamaha Vocaloid Virtual vocalist software, capable of 'singing' using sets of voice samples.



I don't know whether I'll do something musically incredible in the next years (2005)

Light & Shade Review - The Australian (2006)


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