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Posted: Aug. 21 2012, 06:50

For me, the creation of the music of Tubular Bells was the easy part. The real effort was getting a record company to commit to recording it. I can remember the day I finally went into the Manor Studio as though it was yesterday. I stood watching a  person unload a van full of the musical instruments I had ordered for the session. The only thing I didn't have was an engineer, as Tom Newman was nowhere to be seen and I was left pacing up and down the studio and the kitchen asking everyone if they knew where my engineer was. He eventually arrived looking very flustered and and looked suspiciously at me when we met that afternoon. We began work in the evening and over the next three or four days, he became as enthralled and excited as I was with the music. I can't really remember the end of the sessions, as I was exhausted with the effort of making the album. I do recall that we got a huge empty champagne bottle and took it down to The Jolly Boatman pub near the studio and filled it up with Guinness and spent the entire night swigging the Guinness from the bottle whilst we worked on the mix of [the] album until dawn. Eventually I just passed out from exhaustion.

The promotional concert that took place when the album was released and all of the bewildering success that followed is now all quite hazy to me. I couldn't relate to any of it. I do remember John Peel playing the entire album however. Nothing much changed in my life. I was still penniless and it took over a year for the money to start trickling in. I had to borrow the money from Richard Branson to buy my first house, The Beacon in Kington. Virgin pressured me into performing a promotional concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, for which Richard gave me his Bentley (which was falling to pieces). I did one interview with someone from Melody Maker and found it such an unpleasant experience that I just withdrew. Richard would get on the phone to me insisting that I agree to tour America and did promotional work, but I was living up on top of Bradnor Hill and just wanted to be left alone.

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