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  • You must be a registered user to post and start topics.
  • The forums are English-language. It's the only one which everyone on the Board understands, so please don't post in any other language. If you are having trouble making yourself understood, we suggest you put a short explanation in your own language of what you want to say, together with an English translation.
  • The Gallery section is for posting pictures rather than links to them.
  • When making posts, please try to stay on topic.
  • Critical posts are fine if they are constructive.
  • Administrators will remove posts deemed inappropriate. These may include posts that are:
    • off topic or otherwise irrelevant,
    • inflammatory or disruptive,
    • excessively profane or vulgar,
    • containing racist or sexist material or other material of a discriminatory nature,
    • relating to illegal transactions or links to places where they take place, pornography or other overtly sexual material.
    • relating to personal information about Mike or his family,
    • This applies not only to posts but to avatars and signatures.
  • Please do not heavily edit your posts after posting them, as it can be misleading and may make topics hard to follow. Correcting spellings or other minor mistakes is fine, as is fixing any kind of error you might notice just after hitting ”add reply.”
  • Impersonating or misquoting members is not tolerated.
  • Members are welcome to use the forum to promote their musical work or to sell Mike-related items; however, this is not the primary purpose of the Board, and we may remove items that we consider to be taking advantage of it.
  • The Mike Oldfield Forums are public, i.e., accessible to anybody on the Internet. They are indexed by Google and are subject to indexing by other search/archive services. Your posts may be seen by Mike or his family, your employer or prospective employer, your own family, stalker etc. etc. Please keep this in mind when posting.
  • By posting you are granting tubular.net permission to display your post in the forums, to move your post, to display it elsewhere on tubular.net, move it, copy it or delete it. You also grant permission for other forum members to quote your post on tubular.net. Should you leave the forums, Tubular.net retains the right to continue to display, move, copy, or delete your posts.
  • Tubular.net respects the privacy of Mike and his family, and as such will discard posts discussing his intimate life, fantasies, or desires.

New Topics

  • Before starting a new topic, please try to make sure that the same one does not already exist. Questions that are about more than one work can go in the “Q&A” forum, while any non-specific discussion relating to Mike and his music can go in “General Discussion.” If you think your topic would fit in more than one forum, please just post it once, to whichever area you think best.
  • Title your topics as descriptively as possible, e.g., “Mike’s use of guitar effects” rather than, “What do you think?” Topic titles are limited to 50 characters.
  • If you have a news, media, or rumor item, please send it to contact@tubular.net for posting. They will be able to start it in the proper forum. Only an administrator can start a new topic in the news, media, or rumors section. Once the topic has been started, all forum members can post to the topic.

Relocated and Removed Topics

  • In order to keep the forums organized, administrators will move topics to the proper forum whenever possible. Members are welcome to continue posting to the topic in its new location.
  • Administrators remove topics for inappropriateness even though some individual posts within the topic may be fine. Please do not feel this reflects poorly on you.
  • If you suspect that a topic is in the wrong forum or if you have other concerns, please contact an administrator.

Contacting Other Members and Administrators

  • The Personal Messaging (PM) feature enables you to communicate off-list with registered members.
  • If you want to hold a private conversation with another member, please use the PM feature rather than doing it in a forum. Please do not post on the forum to say that you have PMed someone – (s)he will be informed of the new message upon logging in.
  • Please follow standard netiquette when contacting members via PM.
  • Email administrators about various forum issues and policies.

Leaving the Forums

If you wish to leave the Mike Oldfield Forums you can do so by stopping to post; however, to preserve the integrity of the forum topics, your posts will remain.

Failure to abide by the guidelines and terms of agreement may result in the termination of membership privileges. The posts of terminated members may remain - the decision to retain or delete will be made by the administration team, not by the former member.

When you leave, under certain circumstances upon request you can ask us to make your username anonymous; however, your former forum name would still appear in the body of the messages.

Forum Administration

Several volunteer forum administrators from various backgrounds manage the Board. If you are interested in forum administration, do not call us; rather, contact a mental health agency at once. smilie

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