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Posted: Oct. 08 2023, 00:35

Very nice work.  Especially after it was announced mid 2022 that the Tubular Bells theme wouldn't be featuring in the movie at all due to the supposed cost of acquiring the rights to use the tune....Obviously the filmmakers and record company came to some agreement.

Tubular Bells - Believer


Tubular Bells - I Choose You


Tubular Bells - Are You Looking for Regan?


Tubular Bells - Chris MacNeil


Remixed and produced by David Wingo for The Exorcist: Believer (2023)

As for the movie itself...well, even the original Exorcist movie is tremendously overrated, in my opinion.  Tubular Bells is really the only good thing about it (and the fact it meant Linda Blair could be in Roller Boogie and that it gave us the far superior, excellent and unfairly despised Exorcist II).
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Platinumpty Offline

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Posted: Oct. 18 2023, 09:20

I love the original film and reviews of yet another sequel have not been kind. However, it's nice to see some love being shown by the MO contribution to the original's success, and with four separate usages, it has about 10 times as much TB as the original does!

Nice work Mr Wingo.

The soundtrack's on Spotify, for anyone who, like me, wants to add a track or two to their ultimate MO playlists.
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