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Olivier Offline

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Posted: Oct. 09 2006, 22:31

Simon Phillips has answered questions from tubular.net and totoweb.org members in this interview organized by Nick.
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EeToN Offline

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Posted: Oct. 10 2006, 15:01

Nice interview!

Do you plays drums on 'Pictures in the Dark', 'Shine' and 'Crime Of passion' tracks ? (or programmed drums?)

At least he is credited for playing drums in 'Crime of Passion' listed on the Simon Phillips Chronology and Releasography site. Though, there is no mention there about 'Pictures in the Dark' or 'Shine'. The drums of 'Shine' seem programmed to me, anyway.

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Piltdownboy on horseback 22 Offline

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Posted: Oct. 10 2006, 16:57

I agree about Shine...
But Pictures always seemed real to me, if you look at the drums... Hmm... it would have been credited, so perhaps it's a drummachine after all...
could be...

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sEIGu Offline

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Posted: Nov. 14 2006, 16:11

thanks to nick for this interview. i allways wondered, why the oldfield-era isn't really appreciated in simon's history.

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moonchildhippy Offline

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Posted: Nov. 15 2006, 07:38

Interesting interview  :D . I too wonder why the MO era isn't well documented in Simon's history.

Did the Judas Priest album Sad Wings of Desting really only take a week to record :/ ?  Classic Priest!!!!

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