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dkaycom Offline

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Posted: Sep. 15 2012, 09:00

Hi all,

re-arranging my video-collection these weeks ... I stumbled over a performance of three Mike-tunes: North Point/The Time has come/Islands.
It surely is from 1987 (possibly 1988?) and from a TV-show .... but which?

I don't have a clue when or where I got the video from ... well ... the "when" could be dated to somehwere in 2001 as the file-data says 2001-02-05.... the original file is a mpg-video of 168 MB.
(If any1 is interested in the original-file, I'll surely can make it available somewhere..)

Anyway, have also upped it to a friend's youtube-channel:


... so where have these songs been performed ... and when?
Thx for your kindful help in advance...

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Tubular Val Offline

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Posted: Dec. 06 2015, 17:21

Hi, dkaycom

Sorry for the 3-year delay, I was busy walking the dog, anyway better late than never.
Original details for the video you're interested in:

Name: motve2.mpg
Size: 176.263.168 bytes
Length:  11 min. 50 sec.
Format:  320x240 Mpeg (1700 kbps, 44.1 Khz, 16 bps, 2 ch (256 Kbps)
Bitrate: 1985 kbps (25 fps)


   North Point (Mike plays guitar, Anita Hegerland sings, playback)
   The Time has come (ditto)
   Islands (Mike plays guitar, Bonnie Tyler sings, playback)

Source:  VHS tape directly recorded from Spanish TV
Programme:  "Sábado Noche", TVE1, October 31st, 1987 10:30 PM
Reference (in Spanish, use Google Translate):  http://elpais.com/diario/1987/10/31/radiotv/562633203_850215.html

Additional info:

This video was to be included on CD3 of the "Lost in Static 19" fan project, which was finally released as a 2 CD set.

I have much better quality versions of both this video and another one also included on CD3, namely:

Name:  molaluna.mpg
Length: 8 min. 35 sec.
Format and bitrate:  Same as above


Innocent (Mike plays, Anita Hegerland sings, playback)
Julia Otero interviews Mike (in both English and Spanish)
Blue Night (Mike plays, Meggie Reilly sings, playback)

Hope that helps.
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First_Excursion Offline

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Posted: Dec. 07 2015, 02:16

Looks slightly more comfortable with miming here than he does in that "live" video of To France.

Actually Mike looks quite dapper in this.
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