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Alan D Offline

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Posted: Oct. 29 2005, 06:56

Whenever I come to the board I always click on 'New Posts' and check through the latest comments. But the system doesn't discriminate (as far as I can tell) between new votes in a poll, and new posts in a poll thread. So if someone has recently voted in 50-odd polls, 'New Posts' returns 50-odd new entries (as has just happened). There doesn't seem to be a way of knowing which are merely new votes added to a poll (probably most of them) and which are new posts added to a poll thread (perhaps none at all), other than checking them all - which can take ages, often for little return if it's actual posts rather than votes you're looking for.

My guess is that there's no way around this and we have to live with it. But is there, in fact, a solution?
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EeToN Offline

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Posted: Oct. 29 2005, 07:26

There are some tactics to tell if there are new posts in a poll or not. Look at "Last post" column. It shows the name of the latest replier but the time of the last vote (or reply) in case of polls. If you see many polls one after another in very short time with different people showed as latest repliers, then it's improbable that they all wrote at once. If you see some not-poll threads either, then they surely have (at least) a new post, so look who had written it. If you see the same name also at the "Last post" column of one of the polls, it should be checked. If there are huge gaps between poll items, these are also probably ones with new posts. It's not a very safe tactic but fast and quite efficient IMHO. :)

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