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Olivier Offline

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Joined: Nov. 1999
Posted: May 03 2001, 00:51

The Music VR website has been updated on May 03, on May 21, and on May 26 with a Flash movie containing new background music. (Thanks, Johan Williamsson)
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Osiris Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 26
Joined: Feb. 2001
Posted: May 04 2001, 08:46

Yep, a new update... but in fact nothing new.
And no news of the project, no new demo. frown
What happens Mike ? When will it be finished ? we all want to know...
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Posted: May 06 2001, 14:03

There are a couple of new pictures in both the gallery and the soundfiles pages.

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Posted: May 09 2001, 10:59

Yes, it's got a couple of new pictures, etc but I thought it was going to be available to 'buy' online last year! When will we be able to get our hands on the finished product?

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Thomas Höögh Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 171
Joined: Mar. 2001
Posted: May 27 2001, 08:58

Yea! I agree with all of you. When are we going to see the final result and get our hands on this product. I'm truly excited about it and I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurry up Mike!! Whats the problem???? The first quarter of 2001 is already gone. We're in the second quarter now!!!!! And wy aren't we getting any information about the Music VR progress. We now nothing. Anyway I'm gonna wait excitingly till it's available and by it with happines smile

Crazy, terrible, wonderful, perfect!!!!

I just love Tubular Bells |||
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liron Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 43
Joined: Dec. 1999
Posted: May 30 2001, 17:16

mike... the next PRS you buy, won't be bought on MY record buyin' money.

get a life [censored]

call me up when they invent a time machine, so i can beat the hell out of you as a child. THAT will teach you to stay in your room and play the guitar more often, instead of [censored] and practicing stupid new age tai-chi, while trying to "chill me out" with this new "relaxed" game pod yer buildin'. when i want to relax i go shit in the toilet - i don't sell it as a groundbraking new kind of shit, with a joystick attached to it.


yours truely


I had to censor parts of this message. Sorry. - Olivier
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gvcobb Offline

Group: Members
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Joined: Jan. 2000
Posted: May 31 2001, 16:05


How dare you insult probably the best musician and musical genius in the world.

How can you judge a programme you have not seen yet!

After such as offencive comment both to mike and his fans I think the administrator should ban you from
this site.
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Ugo Offline

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Joined: April 2000
Posted: May 31 2001, 17:54

Well nobody has yet seen it...have we? smile
Yet just because the demo is ugly, and the stuff written on the MVR site is stupid, there's no reason at all to call Mike a f***in' m***n.
We all know that he isn't a videogame designer/creator. He's a musician. So let's hope that he returns to make what he makes best, i.e. music.

...BTW the music from the demo, IMHO, is not that ugly. smile

Ugo C. - a devoted Amarokian
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