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shenry Offline

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Posted: Oct. 25 2018, 02:59

I've been listening quite a bit recently to the Hergest Ridge demos that came with the special edition CD. They are a wonderful alternative version of one of my favourite ever LPs, and I think it's amazing how (rough as they are) they sound almost "finished" - at the demo stage it's pretty much 90% there, and a lot of the instruments don't really change significantly in the final studio version.

I understand Mike recorded these demos at the Beacon in '73 to '74, which was the same location he recorded (the bulk of) the actual finished version of Ommadawn a year later.

So I have a theory. I think when recording this Hergest Ridge demo Mike actually was trying to make a finished version ready for release. Perhaps he abandoned that idea when he realised he couldn't get a suitably polished sound, but the demo is just too good and too well recorded to consider just as a rough working. I don't think he would have put this much effort in unless in his head he was thinking this was what he would be releasing.

That ties in with the fact that, for the rest of the seventies (and most of the rest of his career) he concentrated on a home studio setup rather than using commercial studios.

What do you think?

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gevrey Offline

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Posted: Mar. 13 2020, 17:39

I am now re-listening to this version and though it's very good, it does not sound ready for production.
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larstangmark Offline

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Posted: May 20 2023, 16:08

The finished version sounds like it has actual recordings from the demo on it. I would think that parts of the demo was mixed down for further work and overdubs at the Manor.

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