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Tubular Freddie Offline

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Posted: Oct. 15 2005, 19:55


Does anyone know who the blonde girl in the "Five miles out" video is and why Maggie reilly wasn´t in it ?

Fredrik   :O

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MusicallyInspired Offline

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Posted: Oct. 15 2005, 21:54

Maybe that was her before she got fatter and had died her hair blonde? OR maybe her hair was always blonde and she just dies it red!

I really don't know.

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Korgscrew Offline

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Posted: Oct. 16 2005, 15:06

We've had discussions on this before, but I've not been able to uncover anything particularly useful in searching (there's one topic which starts off with a question about it but which turns rapidly into a discussion on Mike's former girlfriends, and another which contains an unfortunately out of date link to another topic which would seem to be the one I was looking for...).

Anyway, the short answer is that nobody knows either who it is or why Maggie Reilly didn't appear. Maggie was probably unable or unwilling to appear, so someone was picked who had the right appearance for the general look of the video. A more recent example would be To Be Free, which again used a model instead of the real singer, Jude Sim.
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