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doramiller Offline

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Posted: June 27 2022, 01:34

Hello everybody! I can't stand doing my homework in silence so I always turn on playlists created for working/studying. For instance, my friend who works in My Homework Done when she does music homework always turn on music for inspiration. And here I collected the info based on my observations.

There are many reasons why people find music relaxing and helpful for studying. Many people believe that a steady stream of music helps them focus on their work, while others find white noise helpful. While each person's personal preference will influence their focus and concentration, there are some general rules you should follow when choosing music to study by. In this article, we will look at some of the best types of music to listen to while studying.

Listening to jazz can help you concentrate because of its pleasant melody. Lo-fi is a relatively new genre that appeals to people who don't like to hear lyrics. Lo-fi music is a good choice because it has quiet beats that don't disrupt the thought process. One popular lo-fi study channel is The Lofi Girl, which features videos playing all day. The Lofi Girl is a YouTube sensation that provides a steady stream of lo-fi music that can help students study.

Listening to classical music is another excellent option. It can help relieve stress and boost mental performance. Some students prefer instrumental music, while others prefer a full orchestra. It's also good for reducing stress and encouraging a positive mindset. Music in general has been proven to help students focus. In addition to this, familiar music can increase creativity. Jazz can also boost concentration. Whether you're studying math, history, or science, you can't go wrong by listening to music.

Do you usually study with music?
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Posted: July 17 2022, 11:55

I love classical music.
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qjamesfloyd Offline

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Posted: July 18 2022, 02:06

Hi freya43, welcome to the forum, it's always nice to have new members.
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Posted: Dec. 21 2022, 17:57

Homework? I'm 50. :(

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