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Dominik M. Offline

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Posted: Dec. 20 2006, 22:02

Hi everyone :)

I wondered how Mike setup his bridge & tremolo in his PRS Custom 24 artist series (1989)

1. If he setup and use his tremolo arm in direction to guitar or he use tremolo arm in direction from guitar?

2. Simply I just wondered how he setup his bridge, if he has back part of the bridge to stick to the guitar/to border on the guitar wood or the back part of the bridge is hang (between back part of the bridge and guitar wood is some space)?

3. What is the best way for you to setup PRS Custom 24 bridge and tremolo?

Regards :)
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emac Offline

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Posted: Dec. 23 2006, 02:33

Hi there!
         I suspect (but could not be sure) that the PRS custom neck angle has changed a little over the years could have an a effect on trem height etc. However:
On an early 94 one (from the old factory) the trem is set up parallel to the body but raised between 3 to 5 mm.
So there is a bit of up wobble available but mostly it is all downwards.
Of any guitar I've had the Prs has the best factory setup (although it is all personal taste) When I got mine from "sounds great" in herald green all I ever did was lower the pickups a bit and adjust the trussrod for it's home in Australia and thats about it...
I believe the prs guitars is one of the best production instruments money can buy.

I know that this probably awnsered your question but, oh well...
Many regards emac.
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Luca Offline

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Posted: Dec. 24 2006, 02:47

From watching various videos of him playing I dont remeber any use of the trem arm to bend notes up, but I may have just missed them.

To answer questions 2&3 - http://www.prsguitars.com/csc/bridges.html

I imagine he has his bridge set up as per the PRS specs, which is by far the best way I have found for my cu24. The bridge should be level with the the body, flat, and about 1/16" from the top.
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