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Music of the Spheres

Release Date: March 17, 2008
Location: Abbey Road Studio 1, mixed at Mike's home outside Bristol

Music of the Spheres cover

Part 1
1. Harbinger 04:08 *
2. Animus 03:09 *
3. Silhouette 03:19 *
4. Shabda 04:00
5. The Tempest 05:48 *
6. Harbinger (reprise) 01.30 *
7. On My Heart 02:27 featuring Hayley Westenra

Part 2
8. Aurora 03:42
9. Prophecy 02:54 *
10. On My Heart (reprise) 01:16
11. Harmonia Mundi 03:46
12. The Other Side 01:28
13. Empyrean 01:37
14. Musica Universalis 06:24

* featuring Lang Lang

In this world, everything has a pulse or a vibration. This sound is unique to each living or non living thing and in itself creates a music that no-one can hear. I believe that this has a very powerful resonance with, and a deep effect, on our lives. What would happen if we took this further and apply this to bigger things, more powerful things: like an entire solar system or galaxy say, what would that sound like?

Musica Universalis is the ancient theory that every celestial body, the sun, the moon and the stars has an inner music. This is a harmonic and mathematical concept derived from the movements of the planets in the solar system. The music created is inaudible to the human ear.

Music of the Spheres is my interpretation of this theory. Every planet and every star: even the whole universe has music within it that no-one can hear, this is what it would sound like if it was set free. This is Music of the Spheres.

Mike Oldfield.


Karl Jenkins (arranger, producer)

Sinfonia Sfera (ensemble)

An orchestra put together from session musicians specially for the album. They are:

1st Violins:
Richard Stutt (leader)
Judith Temppleman
Tom Piggott-Smith
Harriott McKenzie
Tristan Gurney
Jemma McCrisken
Amy Cardigan
Joanna McWeeney
Gillan Cameron
Louisa Adridge
Kotono Sato
Jeremy Morris
Miriam Teppich
Vladimir Naumov

2nd Violins:
Peter Camble-Kelly
Emma Parker
Sophie Appleton
Jenny Chang
Holly Maleham
David Lyon
Nicholas Levy
Joanna Watts
Lucy Hartley
Jo West
Sarah Carter
Elizabeth Neil

John Thorn
Rachel Robson
Edward Vancerspar
Emma Owens
Vincent Green
Olly Burton
Rachel Dyker
Sarah Chapman
Fay Sweet
Holly Butler

Sally Pendlebury
Jonny Byers
Chris Worsey
Verity Harding
Chris Fish
Lucy Payne
Morwenna Del Mar
Ben Trigg

Sian Hicks
Hugh Sparrow
Jeremy Watt
Kylie Davis
Frances Casey
Ben Griffis

Gareth Davis
Juliette Bausor

Roy Carter
Rosie Jenkins

Chris Richards
Nick Ellis

Steven Reay
Louise Chapman

Peter Francomb
Dave Tollington
Joe Walters
Evgeny Chebykin

Gareth Small
Edward Pascal
Tom Watson

Simon Willis
James Adams

Bass Trombone:
Rob Collinson

Alex Kidston

Steve Henderson

Gary Kettel
Paul Clarvis
Sam Walton
Neil Percy

Mary Carewe
Jacqueline Barron
Nicole Tibbels
Mae McKenna
Heather Cairncross
Sarah Eyden

Lang Lang (musician)

Hayley Westenra (musician)


Nylon-string guitars
2006 Vicente Carillo Premiera Especial Classical guitar.

Also used in Tubular Beats
Dynaudio AIR 25
Genelec 8020B Mini powered monitor speakers. Mike used them in his editing setup in the conservatory of his house near Bristol.
Tannoy System 15 DMTII 15" dual concentric studio monitors, used in Mike's main studio area in the Music of the Spheres era.
Yamaha HS80M 8" active studio monitors. Also used in Tubular Beats, Man on the Rocks, Return To Ommadawn
Mixing desks
Euphonix System 5-MC DAW control surface.



MIKE OLDFIELD, l'envolée classique (2008)

Two Sides Sleeve Notes (2012)


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