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Release Date: July 17, 1979
Location: Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and England

Exposed cover

1. Incantations (Parts 1 & 2) 26:31
2. Incantations (Parts 3 & 4) 20:50

1. Tubular Bells (Part 1) 28:42
2. Tubular Bells (Part 2) 12:00
3. Guilty 5:37

Recorded live in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland,
Denmark and England during March and April 1979

Produced by Philp R. Newell and Mike Oldfield

Guitars: Mike Oldfield, Nico Ramsden
Guitar, Vocals: Phil Beer
Bass Guitar: Pekka Pohjola

Drums, Percussion: Pierre Moerlen
Percussion: Mike Frye, Benoit Moerlen, David Bedford
Bodhran: Ringo McDonough

Keyboards: Pete Lemer, Tim Cross
Vocals: Maddy Prior

Trumpets: Ray Gay; Ralph Izen, Simpo Salminen, Colin Moore
Flutes: Sebastian Bell, Chris Nicholls

Violins: Don McVay, Pauline Mack, Danny Daggers, Melinda Daggers, Liz Butler, Ross Cohen

Celli: Nigel Warren-Green, Vanessa Park, David Bucknall, Jessica Ford
Basses: Nick Worters, Joe Kirby

Choir: Debra Bronstein, Marigo Acheson, Emma Freud, Diana Coulson, Mary Elliott, Mary Creed, Cecily Hazell, Wendy Lampitt, Clara Harris, Emma Smith, Catherine Loewe

String Arrangements by David Bedford

Extract from 'Hiawatha' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Executive Reording Supervisor: Philp R. Newell
Reording Unit: The Manor Studio's Mobile
Remixing Studio: The Town house, London

Recording Engineers: Alan Perkins, Greg Shriver, Kurt Munkacsi
Assistants: Ken Capper, Chris Blake

Special thanks to Sally Arnold, tour co-ordinator


David Bedford (arranger, musician)

Classically trained composer, and fellow member of Kevin Ayers's band 'The Whole World', with whom Mike played bass and guitar (David played mostly keyboards). By the end of 1974, David had arranged both Tubular Bells and Hergest Ridge for orchestra. Both pieces were premiered at the Royal Albert Hall in London, with Steve Hillage, from the group Gong, on guitar. Mike was scheduled to play, but was unable to due to 'illness' (the illness was more mental than physical - Mike couldn't cope with appearing in public). The Orchestral TB was later released as an album, with Mike Oldfield on guitar. A recording of a performance of the Orchestral HR in Scotland (also with Steve Hillage - most performances were him, although Andy Summers of the Police did a few in the North of England), made by the BBC, was bought by Virgin, although it was never released.

Bedford also taught at Queen's College, members whose choir were to appear later on Incantations and Exposed. He recorded many albums of his own, often experimental music, some of which Mike played on.

Also appears in: Hergest Ridge, The Orchestral Tubular Bells, Incantations, QE2, The Killing Fields

Philip Newell (producer)

An experienced live and studio engineer, Philip joined Virgin to help set up The Manor. He became Virgin Records' technical director and was also responsible for the Manor Mobile recording truck. He now concentrates on acoustics consultancy and recording studio design.

Also appears in: Ommadawn

Kurt Munkacsi (engineer)

Kurt has been a regular collaborator with Philip Glass, as engineer, sound designer and producer. Mike was introduced to him by Clodagh Simmonds.

Also appears in: Platinum

Alan Perkins (engineer)

Greg Shriver (engineer)

Chris Blake (assistant engineer)

Ken Capper (assistant engineer)

The Queen's College Girls Choir (ensemble)

David Bedford taught and led the choir at Queen's College. David also used the choir on his own recordings, including on one where he got them to inhale helium (the lighter-than-air gas used sometimes used to inflate balloons, which also has the effect of making the vocal cords contract) so they could hit ridiculously high notes.

The choristers listed in the sleeve notes were all members of the choir. Among them is Emma Freud, who later went on to be a successful broadcaster in the UK, and the wife of writer Richard Curtis.

Also appears in: Incantations

Phil Beer (musician)

English folk musician perhaps best known for being one half of the duo Show of Hands. As well as touring with Mike in 1979, Phil recorded two songs in Mike's studio, 'Passed You By' and 'Sit You Down', with Mike playing many of the instruments.

Tim Cross (musician)

Freelance musician and composer who, after studying composition and harpsichord at Dartington College of Arts, began his career writing advertising music. He met Mike through Tom Newman. Tim also collaborated with the Adverts and TV Smith, another connection he made through Tom. He died as a result of lung cancer in 2012.

Also appears in: QE2, Five Miles Out

Mike Frye (musician)

Classically trained musician, who was principle percussionist for the London Symphony Orchestra. He now runs a company providing bespoke, chauffeur-driven tours of the UK.

Also appears in: QE2, Five Miles Out

Peter Lemer (musician)

Jazz keyboardist, who released an album called Local Colour with the Peter Lemer quintet in 1969 before going on to work with more rock orientated groups during the 70s. Played alongside legendary drummer Ginger Baker in the band 'Baker-Gurvitz Army', and also one one of Pierre Moerlen's Gong's albums.

Also appears in: Platinum

Johnny 'Ringo' McDonagh (musician)

One of Ireland's most celebrated bodhrán players, most well known for his work with De Dannan.

Benoit Moerlen (musician)

Classically trained percussionist, specialising in vibraphone and other tuned percussion. The younger brother of Pierre Moerlen, he spent many years playing in Gong, before leaving to try other projects.

Pierre Moerlen (musician)

Drummer with (and later leader of) the prog-rock group Gong. Mike would have met Gong while he was at The Manor recording Tubular Bells at the same time as they were recording their 'Flying Teapot' album (another of Virgin records' early releases). Mike made a guest appearance on Gong's LP 'Downwind'. He died unepectdly of natural causes in 2005.

Also appears in: Ommadawn, Incantations, Platinum, Islands

Pekka Pohjola (musician)

Finnish bassist, whose second solo album 'Harakka Bialoipokku' (Bialoipokku the Magpie) was released by Virgin in 1974, leading to him being introduced to Mike. Mike produced and played on his next album, 'Keesojen Lehto' (meaning 'Grove of the Keeso'), which is usually sold by the English titles of 'Mathematician's Air Display' or 'Consequences of Indecision'. He died in 2005.

Maddy Prior (musician)

Singer with British folk-rock group Steeleye Span.

Also appears in: Incantations

Nico Ramsden (musician)

Another musician who played in Pierre Moerlen's Gong. The English born guitarist has also worked with Sally Oldfield, Linda Thompson, The Proclaimers, Steve Harley and Rick Wakeman.

Also appears in: Platinum


Electric guitars
Gibson L6-S Custom Wine red. This guitar was sold in an auction at Abbey Road.
Gibson L6-S Deluxe Mike had this guitar modified by Tony Zemaitis sometime between 1979 and 1980. He added an engraved metal scratchplate and headstock plate.
Photo Photo
Also used in Incantations, Platinum
Fender Princeton
Fender Twin Reverb Also used in Ommadawn, Incantations, Discovery, Tubular Bells 2003, Return To Ommadawn
Mesa/Boogie To get his distorted guitar sound from this amp, Mike overloaded the input by running the guitar through a preamp first. The sound then went into the mixer, where the input was overloaded, then through the Vocal Stresser and a parametric EQ, then a gate and a limiter. (Guitarist, 1984) Also used in Five Miles Out, Discovery, Tubular Bells 2003


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