Mike Oldfield's instrument collection c. 1976

A picture from the booklet which accompanied the 'Boxed' 4 LP set*, taken some time around 1976, in Mike's home, Througham, shortly after he'd moved there. Many of the instruments used on Ommadawn are shown here, although the harp, mandolin, banjo, spinet and electric organs are not. The Appalachian dulcimer may be hidden somewhere amongst Ommadawn's sound textures - it's hard to tell and it certainly isn't listed anywhere. The gong was to feature at the beginning of Incantations.

* Boxed included quadrophonic remixes of Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn along with a fourth 'collaborations' LP, which was a compilation of tracks recorded mostly with composer David Bedford and recoder player Les Penning.

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