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Author Article Source Date Album
Siobhan Long Mike Oldfield - Return to Ommadawn album review: Long playing from long ago The Irish Times January 19, 2017 Return To Ommadawn
Mike Oldfield: Return To Ommadawn nordbuzz January 19, 2017 Return To Ommadawn
Hannah Hope Mike Oldfield opens his heart on the pain of losing his son Mirror January 18, 2017 Return To Ommadawn
G. Torres Mike Oldfield vuelve a sus orígenes con 'Return to Ommadawn' RTVE January 16, 2017 Return To Ommadawn
Mike Oldfield – Return to Ommadawn Reviews New Age January 15, 2017 Return To Ommadawn
Adrian Deevoy He's endured divorce, death, disaster... and a feud with Richard Branson. Now Mike Oldfield's back – and he's plotting a gleaming new Tubular Bells Daily Mail January 14, 2017 Return To Ommadawn, Tubular Bells
Michael Bonner Mike Oldfield confirms details of new album, Return To Ommadawn UNCUT December 7, 2016 Return To Ommadawn, Ommadawn
On The Record with MIKE OLDFIELD Universal Music December 8, 2016 Return To Ommadawn, Tubular Bells II, Ommadawn, Tubular Bells
Malcolm Dome Mike Oldfield Returns To Ommadawn Team Rock December 8, 2016 Return To Ommadawn, Ommadawn
Jim DeRogatis The return of Mike Oldfield WBEZ April 8, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Paul Lester Mike Oldfield: 'We wouldn't have had Tubular Bells without drugs' The Guardian March 20, 2014 Tubular Bells
James “I feel like I am at some sort of outpost of the British Empire.” hmv.com talks to Mike Oldfield HMV March 17, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Caroline Frost Mike Oldfield Ponders 'Tubular Bells' Prequel, Following Current Album 'Man On The Rocks' HuffPost March 15, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Mike Oldfield Debuts at 12 in Britain With "Man on the Rocks" VVN Music March 9, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Ian D. Hall Mike Oldfield, Man On The Rocks. Album Review. Liverpool Sound and Vision March 9, 2014 Man on the Rocks
AW Album review: Mike Oldfield - Man On The Rocks Shields Gazette March 7, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Jeremy Williams Album Review: Mike Oldfield – Man on the Rocks So So Gay March 7, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Alan Morrison Mike Oldfield: Man On The Rocks (Virgin EMI) Herald Scotland March 7, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Helen Brown Mike Oldfield interview: 'I am a man of extremes' Telegraph March 7, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Mike Oldfield Guest column - New technology vs old technology by Mike Oldfield' QTheMusic.com March 6, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Mike Oldfield to Release New Studio Album, ‘Man On The Rocks’ Business Wire March 4, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Danny Scott English musician Mike Oldfield: 'I found perfect harmony in the Bahamas' Daily Express March 2, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Caroline Sullivan Mike Oldfield: Man on the Rocks review – a not-so-new-age return The Guardian February 27, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Graeme Marsh Mike Oldfield – Man On The Rocks musicOMH February 25, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Al Gordon For Whom The Bell Tolls: Mike Oldfield Optima Magazine March 28, 2014 Man on the Rocks
Sarah Ewing 'Tubular bells made me a million but the tax bill came to £860,000' Telegraph January 20, 2013
Mike Oldfield Two Sides Sleeve Notes August 2, 2012 Two Sides, Music of the Spheres, Tres Lunas, The Millennium Bell, Guitars, Voyager, The Songs of Distant Earth, Tubular Bells II, Heaven's Open, Amarok, The Killing Fields, Discovery, Crises, Ommadawn, Tubular Bells
Caroline Frost Mike Oldfield Describes Olympic Ceremony: 'Danny Debated About The Blue Peter Tune' The Huffington Post UK August 3, 2012
Martin Kielty Oldfield warns against no-talent music Classic Rock August 1, 2012 Tubular Bells
Craig McLean Mike Oldfield's strange journey from Tubular Bells to London 2012 Telegraph July 28, 2012 Tubular Bells III, Tubular Bells
Anna Pukas Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Rebirth The Daily Express July 12, 2012 Tubular Bells
Brad Sanders Embracing Change: An Interview With Mike Oldfield The Quietus August 2, 2011 Incantations
Andrew Kennedy "If people go one way I instinctively go the other" - DiS meets Mike Oldfield Drown In sound August 2, 2011 Incantations
Radcliffe and Maconie Incantations Reissue Interview - Stuart Maconie BBC 6 Music July 25, 2011 Incantations
Jen Kidonÿ MIKE OLDFIELD, la renaissance brillante Jenzine September, 2009 Tubular Bells
David Cheal Mike Oldfield interview for the re-release of Tubular Bells Telegraph June 10, 2009
MIKE OLDFIELD, l'envolée classique Jenzine May, 2008 Music of the Spheres
Lars Tängmark Tim Cross Q&A November, 2007
"Surviving used to be my motivation, now it is the audience" Informacion.es March, 2007
George Shilling Craft: Mike Oldfield Resolution Magazine March, 2007
Simon Phillips Tubular.net and Totoweb.org interview Tubular.net and Totoweb.org April, 2006
Ian Cuthbertson Light & Shade Review - The Australian The Australian: Weekend Australian November 5, 2006 Light + Shade
Martin Vengadesan One-track mind Music, Myths & Legends November, 2005
Chat with Jason Cluts October 22, 2005
Sascha Krüger Manchmal war es von allem einfach zu viel GALORE September 8, 2005 Tubular Bells 2003
Quico Balay I don't know whether I'll do something musically incredible in the next years La Voz de Galicia September 30, 2005 Light + Shade
Chat with Schiller January 14, 2005
Jordi Planas Digital Music Pioneer Digital Creative Arts magazine 2003 Tubular Bells 2003
Jordi Planas Mike Oldfield 'Tubular Bells' reaches thirty years old... World 1 Music (Spanish magazine) 2003 Tubular Bells 2003
Encuentro digital Mike Oldfield Los40 (Spanish radio) May 22, 2003
Mark Wherry Mike Oldfield - Sound on Sound Sound on Sound November, 2002 Tres Lunas
Lisa I'Anson BBC Radio London with Lisa I'Anson BBC Radio London August 8, 2002 Tres Lunas
Alice Beer Interview with Mike Oldfield from BBC 1's Heaven and Hearth BBC 1 Heaven and Earth August 25, 2002
James Ellis 60 second interview - Mike Oldfield Metro (UK magazine) August, 2002 Tres Lunas
Bob Low Music VR Review - The Daily Record The Daily Record August 9, 2002 Tres Lunas
Tech: Mike Oldfield's Odyssey Metro (UK magazine) August 8, 2002 Tres Lunas
Richard Carter Behind the scenes of Music VR July, 2002 Tres Lunas
Tres Lunas Review - SME SME (Slovak) July 15, 2002 Tres Lunas
Tres Lunas: Oldfield's Musical Jewel Pravda (Slovak) July 19, 2002 Tres Lunas
Transcription of a web chat on BBC Radio 2 BBC Radio 2 web chat July 31, 2002 Tres Lunas
Mike the Sleepwalker Eurotelelevízia (Slovak) June 15, 2002 Tres Lunas
Markíza - Tres Lunas Review Markíza (Slovak) June 22, 2002 Tres Lunas
Tony Barrell Virtuoso Reality The Sunday Times June, 2002 Tres Lunas
Oldfield rings the changes The Sunday Express June, 2002 Tres Lunas
Tres Lunas Review - Plato Mania Plato Mania (Dutch magazine) June 21, 2002 Tres Lunas
Tres Lunas promotional video June, 2002 Tres Lunas
Fernando Neira Bieito Romero Interview La Voz de Galicia January 14, 2002
Mike Oldfield On Fingerpicking Total Guitar (issue 89) October, 2001
The Making of Tubular Bells Q Magazine August, 2001 The Best of Tubular Bells, Tubular Bells
Ritchie Blackmore's Interview Excerpt from Aktueel (Dutch magazine) July, 2001
Joel McIver The Bell Boy Record Collector (UK magazine) July, 2001 The Best of Tubular Bells, Tubular Bells
Jerry Ewing Seven Days In The Life Of Mike Oldfield Classic Rock July, 2001
Stuart Maconie Seven More Days That Rocked The World: Tubular Bells BBC Radio 2 April 26, 2001 Tubular Bells
The Millennium Bell Review - New Straits Time New Straits Times Press Berhad (Malaysia) 2000 The Millennium Bell
Lord Of The Rings Q Magazine July, 2000
VH-1: Greatest Hits VH-1 May 9, 2000
Isabelle Maitre Mike and the workings of time... Best March, 2000
Fernando Neira Me and my Motor - Mike Oldfield Guardian (UK newspaper) March 6, 2000 The Millennium Bell
Rob Beattie The Millennium Bell Review - Q Q Magazine February, 2000 The Millennium Bell
Bruno Heuzé Another Bell Sound Keyboards (French magazine) January, 2000
For Whom The Bell Tolls Classic Rock January, 2000 The Millennium Bell
Fernando Neira The Millennium Bell Review - El País El País de las Tentaciones (Spanish newspaper) January, 2000 The Millennium Bell
Elena Pita His millennial bells will play at the Brandenburg El Mundo (Spanish newspaper) December, 1999 The Millennium Bell
Steve Wright BBC 2 Radio Interview with Steve Wright BBC Radio 2 December 22, 1999 The Millennium Bell
Carmen Torrente His last album, The Millennium Bell, reflects eleven periods of human history GacetaUniversataria December 13, 1999 The Millennium Bell
The bell of Oldfield Amazon.de November, 1999 The Millennium Bell
Leo Jux The Millennium Bell Review - musicINSTINCT Evening Mail November 22, 1999 The Millennium Bell
David Sibley Guitars Review - Canberra Times Canberra Times (Australia) August 26, 1999 Guitars
Guitars Review - For Him For Him Magazine July, 1999 Guitars
Oldfield To Turn Heads Again CNN July 10, 1998
Jerry Ewing Mike Oldfield - Review of Concert at Wembley Arena Classic Rock (Autumn Special, issue #7) August 26, 1999
Langeland, press conference July 29, 1999
Interview at La Coruña July 31, 1999
Simon Evans Dangers of a Musical Hit With Bells On Birmingham Post July 9, 1999
Questions & Answers - Musik Express Musik Express (German magazine) July, 1999
Then & Now at Birmingham Reviews July 12, 1999
Mike Oldfield guides Music Power through Guitars... Music Power, Evening Mail July 12, 1999 Guitars
Martin Glatz Interview with Mike Oldfield, Bonn Museumsmeile Music Media Verlag, Cologne June 28, 1999
Andy Gill Guitars Review - The Independent The Independent June 28, 1999 Guitars
Interview with Mike Oldfield from Roland PowerOn magazine PowerOn Magazine #4 June 6, 1999 The Millennium Bell, Guitars, The Killing Fields, Ommadawn, Tubular Bells
Mike Oldfield: I think that I've got bored with Tubular Bells Esterlla Digital May 20, 1999 Guitars
Far Above The Clouds Press Release WEA April, 1999 Tubular Bells III
Guitars Press Release WEA April, 1999 Guitars
Allen Huotari Simon Phillips Interview March, 1999
Chris Campling Villa Of The Week The Times January 23, 1999 Tubular Bells III
Philipp Bendall Richard Branson - The Inside Story, Summary Richard Branson - The Inside Story 1998
Mike Oldfield 10 Favorite Tracks MOJO Magazine November, 1998
Sujesh Pavithran Turning a deaf ear to Tubular Bells III The Sunday Star (Malaysian newspaper) October, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Rib Beattie He Only Sells Records When He Calls Them Tubular Bells Q Magazine October, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Suzanne Fisher 'I kept screaming at Branson to pull the lever... The Independent September 20, 1998
Pierre Perrone It's Raining on Mike's Parade The Independent, London September 7, 1998
Mike Oldfield on Tubular Bells III Hot Tickets September 3, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Max Bell Mike Oldfield - Horse Guards Parade Evening Standard Online September 10, 1998
Tim Cooper Oldfield and Branson End Rift Evening Standard Online September 2, 1998
David Mellor Classic FM Tubular Bells III Interview Across the Threshold, Classic FM (UK) September 27, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Tubular Bells III press conference September 5, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Tubular Bells III programme WEA September 4, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Pompous and unimportant from Oldfield Nettavisen (Norwegian news web site) September 9, 1998
Geir Rakvaag The Bells Toll Dagsavisen ( Norwegian newspaper) September 9, 1998 Tubular Bells III
David Sheal Tubular Bells III Review - The Daily Telegraph The Daily Telegraph September 5, 1998 Tubular Bells III
CNN Interview CNN (US TV) September 13, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Caroline Sullivan Tubular Bells III premiere concert review - The Guardian The Guardian September 5, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Giles Smith For whom the Bells toll Night and Day magazine for The Mail on Sunday September 6, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Swedish reviews Aftonbladet (Swedish newspaper) September, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Nicky Horne Mike Oldfield Interview on BBC Radio 2 Richard Allinson Show, BBC Radio 2 September 9, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Andy Gill Tubular Bells III Review - The Indepedent The Friday Review, The Independent August 28, 1998 Tubular Bells III
David Whitehouse Tubular Bells III Review - BBC CEEFAX BBC CEEFAX August, 1998 Tubular Bells III, Voyager, The Songs of Distant Earth
Andrew Valentine As Mike Oldfield Releases A New Album, An Astonishingly Frank Confession The Daily Mail Monday August 31, 1998 Tubular Bells III, Tubular Bells
Mick Brown I know I'm unstable. I accept that. The Daily Telegraph August 31, 1998 Tubular Bells III
John Harlow, Nigel Bowden Oldfield back with a ravers, Tubular Bells. The Sunday Times August 23, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Carlos Finaly Mike Oldfield - "Music doesn't mean anything if it has no soul, no heart." August, 1998 Tubular Bells III
Marcus Junglas, Konrad Doser Barry Palmer Interview September 25, 1997 Discovery, Crises
David Porter Tom Newman Interview August 24, 1997 Hergest Ridge, Tubular Bells
Dave Thompson Not Totally Tubular Goldmine July 18, 1997
Fife Aubert Le voyageur PlayRecord (French magazine) November, 1996 Voyager
Mike Oldfield meets Orbital Q Magazine October, 1996
Terry Reilly Voyager Review - Beat Magazine Beat Magazine October 23, 1996 Voyager
Luc Beernaert Life is an Achievement as such Het laatste nieuws (Flemish newspaper) September 28, 1996 Voyager
Mike Oldfield on Hungarian Television MTV1 (Hungarian television) September 27, 1996 Tubular Bells
Symphony of Wood and Stone Gala #39 September 19, 1996
Jordi Saladrigas Mike Oldfield: Trip from Cosmos to Ibiza El Dominical (Spain) September 1, 1996 Voyager
For Whom the Tubular Bells Toll Eletronic Telegraph August 24, 1996
Gary Williamson Voyager Review - Divishow Online Divishow Online August, 1996 Voyager
Pedro Bavo I Feel I Bring My Ideas About The Future Blanco Y Negro (Spain) August, 1996 Voyager
Mike Watson Time Scapes - Mike Oldfield Ambiance Magazine (Australia) March, 1996
The Songs Of Distant Earth Review - Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly January 21, 1996 The Songs of Distant Earth
Mike Oldfield: I've Made Enough Music Multimedia Screen (German magazine) 1995 The Songs of Distant Earth
The Songs Of Distant Earth Enhanced CD PR Reprise Records November 30, 1995 The Songs of Distant Earth
Laurel Ives Essentials: Mike Oldfield on Sibelius The Guardian August 25, 1995
Laurel Ives How a Name Can Help to Sell a Home The Daily Telegraph, London July 10, 1995
Gareth Randall Gareth Randall Interviews Mike Oldfield June 1, 1995 The Songs of Distant Earth, Amarok
David Porter Wendy Roberts Interview March 25, 1995 Platinum
Charlie Salem Totally Tubular Internet And CommsToday February, 1995 The Songs of Distant Earth
Q Interview Q Magazine #101 February, 1995
Paul White Tubular Worlds Sound On Sound February, 1995 The Songs of Distant Earth
Benjamin Salcedo V. Close Music from Distant Earth Mexican Cine Premiere January, 1995 The Songs of Distant Earth
Alvin Jackson Tous les chemins mènent à ROM Keyboards Magazine (French) January, 1995 The Songs of Distant Earth
The Songs of Distant Earth Review - iMusic.com iMusic.com 1994 The Songs of Distant Earth
Promotional blurb for 'Hibernaculum' WEA Music Germany 1994 The Songs of Distant Earth
Promotional blurb for 'The Songs of Distant Earth' WEA 1994 The Songs of Distant Earth
Pre-release promotional blurb for 'The Songs of Distant Earth' WEA 1994 The Songs of Distant Earth
The Songs Of Distant Earth Press Release WEA November 30, 1994 The Songs of Distant Earth
Marilyn A. Gillen Oldfield Pioneers Music/Cyberspace Border Billboard November 5, 1994 The Songs of Distant Earth
John Schaefer New Sounds Interview With Mike Oldfield New Sounds December, 1993 Tubular Bells II
Steve Hochman Theme from "The Exorcist", The Sequel Los Angeles Times October 8, 1993 Tubular Bells II
Fietta Jarque Mike Oldfield Thinks Pop Today Is Music For Children El País (Spanish newspaper) September 16, 1993
Howell Llewellyn Mike Oldfield and Spain Billboard February 13, 1993
Tubular Bells 2 Review - Keyboards Keyboards Magazine January, 1993 Tubular Bells II
Diego Manrique Mike Oldfield has regained his balance back MAN "El Hombre" (Spanish magazine) 1992 Tubular Bells II
Mike Oldfield on "The Break" UK radio 1992 Tubular Bells II
Silvia Grijalba Silvia Grijalba's Interview El Mundo (Spanish magazine) 1992
William Show Saved by the Bells Details Magazine December, 1992 Tubular Bells II, Tubular Bells
Stuart Clarke Mike Oldfield Interview Keyboards Magazine October, 1992 Tubular Bells II
Mad? Us? Q Magazine October, 1992
Yvan Le Bolloc'h & Bruno Solo Tubular Bells II Interview - Le Top Canal+ (French TV) October 13, 1992 Tubular Bells II
Tubular Bells II Review - Melody Maker Melody Marker September 19, 1992 Tubular Bells II
Giles Smith Oh No, It's Tubular Bells II! The Independent August 27, 1992 Tubular Bells II
Mike Oldfield Biography 1992 Virgin Records June, 1992
Mike Oldfield Biography 1991 Virgin Records 1991
Inaki Barrio & Geroge Munnshe Interview for "Oldfield's Dream" Oldfield Dream (Spanish fanzine) 1991
Peter Funnell The Hiawatha Pierre Moerlen Interview Hiawatha Fanzine July 7, 1991
Mike Oldfield on Amarok H & SR Magazine March, 1991 Amarok
David Porter The Amarok Cover: David Porter interviews William Murray 1990 Amarok
Dick Speelpenning Mike Oldfield Turns The Clock Back Computers: Sym-Info-Magazine No.91 October, 1990 Amarok, Earth Moving
Mile Daly Oldfield's 'Amarok' is music to ears not captive to fake The Age (Australian newspaper) June 7, 1990
Alvin Jackson Mike Oldfield - Tubular Man Keyboards Magazine October, 1989
Mike Oldfield - Melody Maker Melody Maker October 21, 1989
Sue Humphries Sue Humphries' Interview Hello (UK) October, 1989
TV-AM Interview Good Morning Britain on TV-AM (UK) July 11, 1989 Earth Moving
Mark Jenkins A One-Man Orchestra Music, Computers & Software Magazine June, 1988
Thomas Gottschalk Thomas Gottschalk interviews Mike Oldfield Bavarian Studios, Munich, Germany 1987
Mike Oldfield - Islands Press Kit September 24, 1987 Islands
Tim Grundy Tim Grundy interviews Mike Oldfield Picadilly Radio, Manchester, UK 1985 Crises, Tubular Bells
Tim Oakes Mike Oldfield Guitarist September, 1984 The Killing Fields, Discovery
Mike Oldfield - El Dominical El Dominical (Spain) August 5, 1984
Ena Kendall A Room Of My Own Observer Colour supplement July 3, 1983
World Tour '82/83 Booklet 1982
Steven X. Rea High Fidelity - Five Miles Out Review High Fidelity July, 1982 Five Miles Out
Stereo Review Interview Stereo Review (US magazine) July, 1982 Five Miles Out, Tubular Bells
Phil Gifford Saved from the Bells New Zealand Listener 1981
Tim Oakes Mike Oldfield by Tim Oakes International Musician and Recording World June, 1980
James Truman Platinum Review - Melody Maker Melody Maker December 1, 1979 Platinum
Karl Dallas Boy Genius 'Not Broke' Shock Melody Maker December 29, 1979
Mike Oldfield: A Rare Interview With The English Guitarist, Studio Wizard, and Composer of "Tubular Bells" Guitar Player 1978 Incantations, Ommadawn
Karl Dallas This is the year of the expanding man... Melody Maker November 25, 1978
Vincente Romero Mike Oldfield: I Think I Am Able To Show With Music What A Human Being From The Twentieth Century Is Disco Express (Spanish magazine) January 23, 1976
Karl Dallas Beyond the Ridge: Portrait of a Genius - Ommadawn Review Melody Maker October 25, 1975 Ommadawn, Hergest Ridge
Karl Dallas Beyond the Ridge: Portrait of a Genius Melody Maker October 25, 1975 Ommadawn, Hergest Ridge
Roy Carr and Mick Farren Dirty Double Mars Birthday New Musical Express August 23, 1975
metalitz Hergest Ridge Review - Down Beat Down Beat June 5, 1975 Hergest Ridge
Max Bell The Orchestral Tubular Bells Review - New Music Express New Musical Express January 11, 1975 The Orchestral Tubular Bells
Karl Dallas Balm For The Waking Dead Let It Rock Magazine December, 1974 Tubular Bells
Karl Dallas I Can't Stand People Who Plays Things Blandly Melody Maker September 28, 1974 Hergest Ridge, The Orchestral Tubular Bells, Tubular Bells
Oldfield: High on the Ridge Melody Maker August 24, 1974
Tubular Bells Review - Billboard Magazine Billboard Magazine March 9, 1974 Tubular Bells


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