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Dark Island
Lyrics: David Silver
Music: Ian MacLachlan

There is no lyric on the Voyager album.

    Away to the westward
    I'm longing to be,
    Where the beauties of heaven
    Unfold by the sea;
    Where the sweet purple heather blooms
    Fragrant and free
    On a hilltop high above
    The Dark Island

    So gentle the sea breeze,
    That ripples the bay,
    Where the stream joins the ocean,
    And young children play;
    On the strand of pure silver,
    I'll welcome each day,
    And I'll roam for every more,
    The Dark Island

    True gem of the Herbrides,
    Bathed in the light,
    Of the mid-summer dawning,
    That follows the night;
    How I yearn for the cries,
    Of the seagulls in flight,
    As they circle above
    The Dark Island


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