Hergest Ridge 2010

Welcome to Hergest Ridge 2010 - an April Fools' Day joke from tubular.net

This site was just a bit of April Fools' Day fun. Hergest Ridge will be re-released in May, but the rest of the information here - from the Ultimate Edition through to the Hergest Ridge Pizza - is pure fantasy. This site is totally unconnected with Mercury Records, Pizza Hut or any other organisation other than tubular.net!

Hergest Ridge Reissue

The reissue of Hergest Ridge will be in stores 24th May! Available as 3 physical and 2 digital versions worldwide, it includes demo material never previously available.

In addition to the standard and deluxe editions, a limited number of Ultimate Editions of this release will be made available.

Follow the link for more details!

Pizza Hut Promotion

To celebrate the reissue, we've teamed up with Pizza Hut who are going to offer the delicious Hergest Ridge Supreme Pizza, inspired by the original Album cover. Click the link to find out more!