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L' Hollandais Offline

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Posted: Dec. 04 2002, 09:06

When I first saw the title, I thought to myself how can one ever entrap the essence of TB on one cd. Lucky me, I own TB, TOTB, TB II, TB III and TMB, and had no reason in buying this cd. I know that some music parts can't be taken out of its context without losing its essence in its masterpiece. For exemple, take "Another Brick In The Wall Part 2" by "Pink Floyd", the song is great but looses its meaning when listening stand-alone.
My point is although all the Bells albums and cd's have for each and every one a favoured part and/or tracks, the best way to appreciate TB or one of its deritives is by listening the whole cd or album. Only then you can feel and sence how brilliant and refreshing some music is.
Therefore, I never suggest to anyone to buy a best of if the album or cd tells a story in some kind of manner.

It is ofcourse for commercial reasons that they put out a best of on the market and most people know that or should know that. So why bother buying it? If it was a cd containing rare tracks of TB and its deritives than I would say this is a cd that would further complete my TB-collection.

L' Hollandais
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MO fan

Posted: Dec. 14 2002, 17:53

I would agree with you.

'The best of ....' type albums are just a comercial ripoff and totaly out of contex when applied to a large piece of work such as Tubular Bells,  where the whole album must be experienced to be appreciated.

My other greivence with Tubular Bells in particular is that Mike is flogging a dead horse with all these different Tubular Bell albums.

I for one will not be buying TB2003 when it comes out.

Cheers MO fan :D
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RaWi Offline

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Posted: April 23 2005, 09:20

Quote (Guest @ Dec. 14 2002, 17:53)
I for one will not be buying TB2003 when it comes out.

When it comes out???
You can buy it since a long,long time!
And the sound is GREAT!
Better than the old one!
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