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Sonilink Offline

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Joined: Jan. 2005
Posted: Dec. 15 2005, 12:43

Please tell what instrument do you play for the band, I'm getting lost in there!!!
I play the acoustic and the electric guitare.
and you

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stevenmd779 Offline

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Joined: Aug. 2005
Posted: Dec. 15 2005, 13:17

Keyboard, piano, melodica, organ, clavachord, clavanet, harpsichord, rhodes piano, synthasizer, and celesta.

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Piltdownboy on horseback 22 Offline

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Joined: Sep. 2005
Posted: Dec. 15 2005, 15:31

I play the bass and and I thought about playing drums on Surfing too, but only if jonny approves and it fits!!

(ps: let's make this a nice organised list without unrelated posts or remarks, just the names and instruments... sorry, I'm talking too much myself already...)

FiFfay fiyao Et que jouait du banjo!!
FiFfay fiyao Et que jouait du banjooo

(Voulez vous de beurre??!!!)
(it was great craic, and very convenient!! ;)
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The Bell(end) Offline

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Joined: July 2005
Posted: Dec. 15 2005, 18:09

Apparently I'm on strings, wahey.............!? :D

I'll do my best, must get the old Yamaha down tomorrow evening ;)

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jonnyw Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2005
Posted: Dec. 16 2005, 09:11

Im on electric guitar and electro acoustic guitar, bit of piano, but of drums also.. timpani.. xylophone.. glockenspeil... and the engineer of the band (ill put it all together in the mix). pretty much any instrument im sure any one of us can master it..

by the way sonilink and stevenmd... piltdownboy and i were talking about maybe actually making a side project of a band here.. ya no... not just covering this.. doing many songs and our own compositions.... making a nmae for us and our gimmick being that weve never properly met each other.. what do you think? after we do this M.O. cover i think we should keep our wn virtual band personal between us! and well be regular posts on the fan music!

if you can think of a name for our virtual band............ :D

Grand piano.
Reed and pipe organ.
Bass guitar.
Vocal chords.
Two slightly sampled electric guitars.
The venitian effect.
Digital sound processor.
And Tubular bells.

Solo music - http://-terrapin-.bebo.com

Band music - http://www.rsimusic.com
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arron11196 Offline

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Joined: April 2005
Posted: Dec. 16 2005, 13:31

Well, as some of you may already know I sing, but I'm nowhere near happy enough with my voice to use it yet.

I also do some mixing, and am deftly with spatial processing / audio effects, and have some beattracking experience with Acid Pro 4.0.

Arron J Eagling

Everyone's interpretation is different, and everyone has a right to that opinion. There is no "right" one, I am adding this post to communicate my thoughts to share them with like-minded souls who will be able to comment in good nature.

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