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Korgscrew Offline

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Posted: Aug. 12 2003, 09:41

I've now put up a poll, as sEIGu suggested. It'll be interesting to see the outcome...
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Posted: Aug. 12 2003, 11:00

The main reason that sales figures have dropped is simply due to RIPOFF prices in the UK.

TB2003 CD at £16.99 from Virgin megastore is a total disgrace for a piece of plastic.

£2.99 or £3.99 for any CD single. Pathetic!

If these CD's were half the price then sales woud soar.

Consumers vote with their feet and wallet, and thats why they are no longer walking into record stores.
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TinkerBell Offline

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Posted: Aug. 12 2003, 13:01

Quote (Korgscrew @ Aug. 12 2003, 08:36)
There's also a look at 2002 RIAA figures here. Very revealing stuff...

Brilliant!  It seems that the whole music biz has something of an internal "efficiency" problem - which they are passing off as being due to "evil consumers" ripping them off, left, right and center.  As others have said, the situation for the whole music biz will only improve if they first put their own house in order (before it's done for them), reduce their internal costs, allowing them to reduce prices for their customers i.e. you and me.  Oh, and by the way, they should STOP accusing their customers of being common criminals ...  That can't be good for business, can it?

Me thinks the industry doth protest way too much.  There is something foul in this state of Musicland ...
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Allan_N Offline

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Posted: Aug. 13 2003, 04:14

Quote (Guest @ Aug. 12 2003, 05:36)
Last year, in Denmark, the record sale went down 27% compared to 2001. So artists do indeed suffer from downloads and piracy. Surely the also benefit from the net. It´s an easy way to learn about composers and artists.
But saying that recordsales go up isn´t true

I believe it's different for different artists. True music fans are different from teeny boppers.

I suppose you can see that on those stats...the sales of CD singles have gone down so much because teeny boppers are the only ones interested in singles (which they'll download instead). Believe me, I have a teeny bopper sister :-)
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john savage

Posted: Aug. 13 2003, 11:07

Mine works, so reading this forum has been a lot of fun
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Posted: Aug. 13 2003, 11:27

For what it is worth iTunes on my Mac mp3'ed TB2003 without any problems at all, and it sounds ok too.
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Posted: Aug. 14 2003, 03:52

1- I Bought the CD...
2- It does NOT play on my CD player (Marantz DV6200, Disc Error)...
3- Go to Kazaa
4- Download all tracks
5- Burn a CD

Great, huh ?? Next time I think I will skip step 1 and 2 :-)
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Posted: Aug. 16 2003, 02:30

True fans will pay for it at the end of the day.... It’s always nice to have proper packaging, sleeve notes, ect.

I got the new Tubular Bells as soon as it came out, I have only got the CD player on my PC now, the tracks designed to play on computers on the CD, were not very good sound quality and between each track there was a jump. So I copy the whole audio part onto the hard drive and made a high quality MP3, I did not notice any copy protection (like it said on the CD cover)
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Anonymizeruk Offline

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Posted: Aug. 22 2003, 15:12

I have only read the first few paragraphs of the Oldfield interview, but I just wanted to add my monies worth to the debate.......

1) I like listening to music whilst working on my PC. That daft warner player is just annoying. The music itself sounds fine, but the gaps between tracks ruins things.

2) I always thought the law (in the UK anyway) permitted anyone to make a single 'working-copy' of anything they owned (this included music, computer games etc) so long as it was only used by the person who purchased the original.

3) I still have my copy of TB2003, and I still think its great.

4) If Mike (or any other artist for that matter) chooses to dismiss the views and reactions of his fans, it wont matter if he has a record contract or not. Nobody is gonna buy your material. Somebody mentioned Mike being a businessman. Any businessman should know that the paying customers are responsible for your income. Look after them!

Whew. That's better! Having made my points, I want to say that I still (and always will) love Mike's music, regardless of the politicts of copy protection. It's just a shame that there are so many of us who feel the need to voice our concerns such a short time after the release of TB2003.

P.S - I will buy the DVD-A version!
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MO fan Offline

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Posted: Aug. 22 2003, 19:29

"It's just a shame that there are so many of us who feel the need to voice our concerns such a short time after the release of TB2003."

And If I may be so bold as to add....

I bet Warners and Mike are taking note of what we are saying on these fan sites, especially if copy protection continues on to new albums, as this will have an adverse affect on their future profits.

Cheers MO fan :D
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Fed up Eurotrash

Posted: Nov. 18 2003, 18:32

This is the 50th comment I wrote and is directly fowarded to Mike Oldfield.

OK Mike profits you like your Euros put in your Swiss bank account to fatten the bank balence.

OK Mike your worth it, we give you Euro as music is swet to our ears.

BUT, if copy protect you have in next album then its MP3 rip time and you and Warner, not got no Euro at all.

Instead you have made pirates of us all  :(
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