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Bell Boy Offline

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Posted: July 28 2011, 17:27

I had a couple of hours spare on a trip to Hereford,so I decided to seek out the Beacon.
I found Kington easily and then tried to find it using my Iphone to find it.
I pulled in to park up the car to try again,and the I just looked forward and in a opening in the trees in front of me, I saw it high on the mountain.A quick double check with some photos from their website and I was off.I new there was a golf course near it, so following the signs I proceeded to climb a steep,narrow road until I reach the golf coarse car park.
Parked up and there it was.
To think of all the great music that was made there,and the people who visited up that road.
here is a link to some photos I took:

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ex member 137 Offline

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Posted: July 29 2011, 05:35

Yup me and a buddy spent a couple of nights there hiding under a bed until Matt found us. :p
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Blue Dolphin Offline

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Posted: July 29 2011, 06:04

Thanks for that! I was there on holiday back in 2000, but I couldn't find it ( but we were in a bit of a hurry). I did photograph the Hergest Hill though.

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Posted: Aug. 05 2011, 13:46

Bell boy, & 4 all U who have or would like 2 walk in Mikes footsteps see the Video of the HR here under
Mike Oldfield Forums » Albums » Hergest Ridge » Visiting Hergest Ridge or try link http://tubular.net/forums....2;st=20  
I hope U enjoy it

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