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CS2x Offline

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Posted: June 06 2003, 18:05

Now, I am a massive fan of electronic music. From obscure freaks like Autechre and Aphex Twin to Orbital syle techno, to Jean Michel Jarre atmospherics, I love it all.

But the lousy use of synthesizers on Tubular Bells2003 is pretty annoying. I mean, I'm fine with MO using synths in his music, but this was supposed to be a re-recording of the original, not a half-arsed synth/guitar version (ok, that's being much too harsh, but you get my point..) The synth flute is especially offensive, as is the percussive sounds and some pianos which are obviously synthesized.

Tubular Bells1 sounded raw and harsh and charming. The new one sounds like some synthey-new age thing. He could have at least prgrammed his own synth sounds, but I recognize all of his roland ones as the cheesy presets...
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Satyagraha Offline

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Posted: June 19 2003, 11:49

I totally agree. And worst of all, in my opinion, is the sampled bass in the introduction. Ruins the whole ambience. Also, listen to how the guitar is looped in Harmonics. The same little clip not so seemlessly looped over and over again. Extremely annoying and unmusical to my ears. And the synth string pad in the Hornpipe makes the tune utterly lifeless and sterile. I prefer TB73 by a lightyear, though it sounds more flawed than ever.

Byrði betri berrat maðr brautu at en sé mannvit mikit
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Korgscrew Offline

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Posted: June 19 2003, 17:37

I thought that a large part of the problem in Hornpipe was the mandolin playing...
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