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Posted: Aug. 18 2003, 11:07

The recording companies have done nothing but complain how pirates have cost them millions of sales over the last few years. Take a look at these articles from the Guardian:



A record number of CDs have been sold in the UK. This just proves that record companies are being greedy and trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes. The whole piracy thing is just one big lie to try to hide the incompetence of the management at recording companies.

As I have said previously in another thread, I believe if the music is good enough, released on a Redbook standard CD and sold at a fair price then people will buy them. And this just goes to prove my point.

So all this copy protection fiasco has achieved is to have annoyed people so much that they refuse to buy TB2003 and make us wonder if we want maintain our interest in music from such an arrogant and rude person as Mike.

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