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Pahendriks Offline

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Posted: April 02 2004, 14:16

Hello everybody,

Every real MO fan has the album Tr3s Lunas II: it is a compilation of all the music found on the cd rom containing the game MusicVR. It can be downloaded from http://www.connceptual.com/mo

Burn it on a cd and you've got a brand new album from MO!

And now MO has released his new game Maestro: I would like to see the same as above: a site where all the music from the game Meastro can be found and downloaded to be burned on a cd.

Does anybody know where the music from Maestro can be found on the internet?


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Spinne Offline

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Posted: April 04 2004, 06:54

It's very difficult we could see something such as Tr3s Lunas II or the other MusicVR 1 mix albums (you can download other mixes from the original MusicVR from OldfieldVR and go to the Audio-MP3 section and select Fan Mixes (Bootlegs del MusicVR and Otros Fan Mixes-Mixes de OMA) ).

Tr3s Lunas game have some things that allowed the creation of those mixes, Maestro doesn't have these caracteristics or have them in a minor level so create such an album mix is hardly difficult, maybe a single mix. Tr3s Lunas included some little songs that were played in some sequences such as the one of the owl or returning to Earth after the solar system game. At Maestro there's nearly anything like that (we could consider the gears level but the song played is an excerpt from TB2003, so no new music this time) and the scene when you return with a gravitar, then the game plays a midi version of Mont St Michel called Celtic 1.

At Tr3s Lunas there were some games that have a background music chain and some instruments were added depending on player's action such as the moon game or the solar system game. The most interesting mixes in my opinion came from these tracks that gave more freedom to the remixers. As far as I know Maestro doesn't include anything like that.

But the most important thing is that Tr3s Lunas was full of new music, some were very little songs as I've mentioned before and some music loops. Maestro only includes loops (the final song is formed by 2 loops of about 2 min each one), most of the music are loops made with excerpts from TB2003 and loops from Tr3s Lunas, the new music without being remixed spends less than 8 minutes.

As you can see is hard to do an album, anyway some mixes with the new music have been done. You can download one of them from eMule:
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