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nvaz Offline

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Posted: Aug. 04 2001, 06:17

I've been listening Mike's arrangements on his rhythm lines, for the last Tubular Bells and The Songs Of The Distant Earth.

Most drums are kind of warm, low pitched, soft but strong. They're not "real" drums at all.

Any thoughs on where is he getting this from, i.e. instrument synths or modules?

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mdenari Offline

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Posted: Oct. 05 2001, 16:03

I know its late but here is some help. MO uses a lot of ethnic percussion. Specificaly :Taiko, Tamboura, most of them are eastern sounds Japanese and Indian. He uses also lots of chimes
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Thea Cochrane Offline

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Posted: Oct. 13 2001, 07:04

Mike has also gone on record as saying that he enjoys (or enjoyed, I don't know if he still does) using sample CDs. Perhaps he also edits the sounds - I've sat and played about with drum sounds until I end up with something completely different from the noise I started with.

In this article (http://www.tubular.net/articles/95_02.html) Mike also mentions working with "rhythmologists." Some of the sounds probably came from there.

Perhaps it was an effect of working with Trevor Horn, but I feel Mike's programmed percussion has been a lot more subtle since TB2. Especially if you look at Islands to Heaven's Open (not including Amarok of course) where the drum programming was a bit derivative of all the other music happening at the time. Maybe it was just that no record company is trying to sell Mike to the pop music market now.
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Korgscrew Offline

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Posted: Oct. 13 2001, 16:32

Those rhythmnologists would have probably included Eric Cadieux, who was employed as a programmer on TB2 and also Jamie Muhoberac, credited for drum loops on the same album.

Cadieux would seem to have been brought in by Trevor Horn, as the two worked together on a previous project. Mike used Cadieux again on The Songs of Distant Earth. Some of the rhythm loops on that album were created by Mark Rutherford and Sugar J...I probably have some information on at least one of them somewhere but I won't dig it up right now.

I should imagine that Mike learnt a lot from the work of these various people, by both watching and listening...

That said, there are still plenty of tracks which are derivative of current music - all these dance tracks with the four to the floor rhythms for example...

I'd also imagine that most of Mike's drums have come from a sampler in one way or another, even if they were originally sampled from his own sources rather than a sample CD.

He does use a huge number of sample CDs, though, and has some from friends and people he's worked with as well as publically available sample CDs. This strays a bit off the topic of rhythms and into samples more ingeneral...
One thing I believe Trevor Horn brought with him was a collection of samples from the composer Hans Zimmer. On TSODE, one CD he mentioned in particular was the Zero G 'Datafile' disc (and a closer look shows me that this info is in the article at the end of the URL Mat posted...maybe that shows I should read these things first...)

If it's any further help, he seems to be using an Akai S6000 sampler at the moment, though he also has (or had) some E-Mu units (I forget exactly which).
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Doctor Fegg Offline

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Posted: Feb. 19 2017, 17:09

16 year necroposting but hey...

Some of the rhythm loops on that album were created by Mark Rutherford and Sugar J...

Mark Rutherford and Sugar J were working with William Orbit in Guerrilla Studios at the time. If you listen to WO's stuff from the time (e.g. Strange Cargo 3) then the beats are not a million miles different from TSODE. Sugar J is an alias for John Gosling: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Gosling_(Psychic_TV_musician)
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