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Topic: Mike on Australian TV 1992 Full HQ Version, The Steve Vizard Show< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
Milamber Offline

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Posted: Oct. 19 2010, 00:23

Apart from the version I uploaded (On the b.t.t) last year I still have not seen that anyone else has uploaded this full version on You Tube.
So for anyone who missed out, here it is in it's entirety and in high quality for the first time.
Mike Oldfield OZ TV 1992
Enjoy :D
One of his best looks btw he rocks that mullet.

Mike "When you see adds for toothpaste"
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wiga Offline

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Posted: Oct. 19 2010, 02:05

Cool interview - never seen that before. And hair in good shape.

Barn's burnt down - now I can see the moon.
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Scatterplot Offline

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Posted: Oct. 19 2010, 13:56

Thanks! I enjoyed that! TB2 was definately more fun then ONE! A long-gone final remark me and my estranged brother(circa TB2 times) exchanged via email was: why does this guy look so damn good while(whilst Y'all say) in middle age we look so bad? The only answer I could give him was "Genetics Brother, genetics". Hope your alive out there Jeffery. That was a cool video! And one hell of an album! I got it on cassette as soon as was released. Does anyone know if it was released on vinyl? I want it on vinyl. Jim

We raise our voices in the night
Crying to heaven
And will our voices be heard
Or will they break Like the wind
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CJJC Offline

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Posted: Oct. 21 2010, 09:23

And now, the start of a new series - IF I WERE MIKE OLDFIELD:

Why "Tubular Bells 2?"

Well, "Tubular Bells" was already taken.

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