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Topic: Michael Oldfield - The Bell History, A beautiful 40 minutes song. Check it!!< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
Hyuuga_Neji_otaku Offline

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Posted: June 06 2007, 01:08

40 minutes?!
Well, actually the song is only about 39 mins. 22 secs.
It's a beautiful song I made that mixes in one all of Mike's albums.
From "Tubular Bells" to "Light and Shade"
Its a journey through all of his work, including pices
from his best songs from all of his albums.

To hear it here on Internet, go to this link:
Michael Oldfield - The Bell History ( Web Version )
IMPORTANT: To hear this version, deactivate the anti pop-up just to hear the song. Reactivate after ur navegator opens the new window.
(quality here is not very good, because I had to compress
the song in order to upload it to Acid Planet)

Or if u wish to have real thing, with all of it's sound quality,
u can download it from here:
Michael Oldfield - The Bell History ( Full quality version )
(belive it. Sound quality improves a lot here. xDD)

Song doesn't change in the 2 versions, only the quiality of it ^^.

Hope u like it! ^^
Took me some days to make it be all together, but
it works quite nice.
At the end, you'll hear tubular bells along with the "Romance"
from the Shade cd. That is something I added ^^.
So, that's all. Enjoy!!

The part I really love is just beforere Far Above the Clouds begin.
Secrets mixed with Far Ab. intro... *--* I love that part xD.

"LET ME GO!!!! Master I hate u so!!! how can I live my life, when my whole being cries!!!"
Tony Kakko / Sonata Arctica
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Gambit Offline

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Posted: May 24 2010, 11:03

Any chance you could repost?
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Hastengas Offline

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Posted: Mar. 31 2011, 11:13

Linky is broken.....
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dkaycom Offline

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Posted: Dec. 26 2014, 22:57

well, as there was no reply so far and I still had this one on my HD....


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