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MusicallyInspired Offline

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Posted: Mar. 19 2004, 09:08

There's not enough music in Maestro to make a CD out of. Octavio Molano made another excellent mix, though, which I posted in the 'Fan Remixes' forum.

And which pieces are you talking about, Toby?

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TOBY Offline

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Posted: Mar. 19 2004, 09:19

Just whatever new music is in there. The few people who have completed Maestro say the end music is really good. Can anybody extract it? It would be nice for the people who can't play the game to hear it. (Me, amongst others) I'll check out the fan remixes but I'd rather hear the original versions.

A late addition. Just heard the fan mixes that include the end music. If the section I heard correctly was the end music then I'm afraid people arn't missing much. Suitably space aged stuff but listed to out of context it sounds a bit synthy and naff. It sounds like the theme music from some kids TV show. I'm sure most of the budding musicians here could put together a better effort, and indeed are by the sounds of things.
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captain cavern Offline

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Posted: Mar. 19 2004, 10:53

For people who wants to extract/hear all sounds and musics
in Maestro:

use OggRipper which is available on this page...


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Posted: Mar. 29 2004, 03:35

I saw some screenshots - this game is ugly! I doesn't know if Mike knows recent computer games, but when he says he wishes better graphics cards, then I wonder why? First he should try to out-rage modern graphics cards by using more polygones and better textures for the models - then let's talk about better hardware.
This game is a few years behind the state-of-the-art-computer-games, and that is sad for such an unique concept.
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