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CJJC Offline

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Posted: Mar. 05 2014, 16:38

I'm not a fan of the plinky synth on the Tricks of the Light instrumental so I'm glad that this isn't being replicated here, even if more could have been done with the base tracks.

However, what this does open up is a world of experimentation for audio-minded folks. As mentioned earlier, there is the possibility for fan covers but also remixes, extended versions and things like that.

The other possibility that I'm interested in exploring is - assuming that these instrumental tracks really are simply the studio masters with Luke's track muted (my copy hasn't arrived yet) - inverting the waveform on the instrumental, playing it over the vocal version and obliterating anything that isn't Luke's voice, giving us acapella tracks to also play with.

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knife edge Offline

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Posted: Mar. 05 2014, 17:22

Dreaming in the wind, which is probably the most classic "dreaming" Oldfield song in MOTR, looses a lot without the voice, well, almost all...

Stick with the "complete" version of the album for me :)
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scienceguy Offline

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Posted: Mar. 06 2014, 05:40

Quote (knife edge @ Mar. 05 2014, 07:31)
Instrumental progressive music is another thing, for sure not the instrumental version of this album. There's nothing progressive in this music (with or without vocals)...

In the spirit of maintaining crystal clarity, the specific characteristics of PROGRESSIVE MUSIC that I consider INSTRUMENTAL MOTR to possess include as follows:

1) Longer songs;

It could be argued that this is applicable to some, but not all of the tracks; however, the fact of the matter is that 7 out of the 11 tracks are between 5 and 7 minutes in length, and this is most certainly significantly longer than the typical vocal Pop/Rock song.

2) Lengthy instrumental passages;

Lengthy instrumental passages are clearly present throughout INSTRUMENTAL MOTR.

3) More complex instrumentation.

INSTRUMENTAL MOTR includes a wide array of ‘not-just-typical-band-type’ instruments, including the strange and unusual. This includes: Piano, B-3, Keyboard Synthesizers, Whistles, Violin etc. mixed in with the guitars and drums, thereby contributing to the PROGRESSIVE sound. Note MOONSHINE for example, where this is particularly prominent.

And finally:

4) More complex conceptual ideas.

Note the unusual, clever, but highly effective way in which some of the various instrumental layers are introduced and combine together in extraordinarily effective complexity (as per with many past ‘Classic Mike’ purely Instrumental musical compositions)… take CASTAWAY for example. Note how the INSTRUMENTAL track starts solely with singular strange sound and how it then progresses thereafter, building in complexity in a highly unusual way. Etc. Etc.

So there you have it. INSTRUMENTAL MOTR most certainly possesses no less than 4 out of 6 of the characteristics that define music as being PROGRESSIVE.

Is it PURELY PROGRESSIVE? NO it is NOT. And I have never stated that it is.

Is it NOT PROGRESSIVE in any respect? Again, the answer is NO.

INSTRUMENTAL MOTR possesses some, but not all of the characteristics of PROGRESSIVE MUSIC. 4 out of 6 of the characteristics of PROGRESSIVE MUSIC to be exact.

I hope that clarifies my perspective on this matter for you and why and how I have used the word "PROGRESSIVE" adjectivally to describe INSTRUMENTAL MOTR. :)
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