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pantofis Offline

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Posted: Feb. 19 2006, 13:00

Lovely collection. But... ahhh...
1.You could never understand who was the director of each video

2. When were the videos shot

3. no audio comments or 5.1 mixes... (like "Greatest Hits" by Queen)

But I love the disc for its inclusion of "The Wind Chimes". Now really, who directed these? Waht were the digital devices of that? I wonder its 1986....
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Sonilink Offline

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Posted: Feb. 20 2006, 09:29

Quote (pantofis @ Feb. 19 2006, 19:00)
2. When were the videos shot

TB, part.1: 1976
Don Alfonso 1975
In dulci Jubilo 1975
Porstmouth: 1976
William Tell: 1976
Guilty: 1978
Blue Peter:1980
Wonderful Land: 1980
Five Miles Out: 1981/1982 (I'm not sure)
Moonlight Shadow: 1983
Shadow On the Wall:1983
Crime of Passion: 1984
Tricks of the Light: 1984
To France: 1984
Etude: 1984
Picture in the dark: ?
Shine: 1986
Earth Moving:1989
Heaven's Open: 1991

there are mistake in there FEEL free to correct me!

Take the Time
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Piltdownboy on horseback 22 Offline

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Posted: Feb. 20 2006, 12:47

To comment on question 3:
I believe that Mike did that whole Wind Chimes project by himself, including directing. It was all done by the computers that he had then. I think that only Magic Touch is made as a collaboration with someone else (shame that this one appears to be the best video  :/ ).
It was released after the year of Islands, in 1988.  :)

"And now we're going to play Platinum!"
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TOBY Offline

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Posted: April 03 2006, 18:06

Alex Proyas co-directed Magic Touch. The same Alex Proyas directed The Crow, I robot etc, he's quite a big Hollywood director now, he also makes quite a lot of Sting's videos. The photo editing computer Mike used for the Wind Chimes was called Mirage and cost him a whopping £2 Million. It was pretty much out of date as soon as it was out of its box because the first Silicon Graphics computers (which Mike would later buy for TSODE stuff) were starting to be developed by the likes of Pixar at the same time.  

I think the Wind Chimes project in general shares a lot in common with MVR, a sort of nice little effort buy Mike, but he quickly seems to have lost interest, perhaps because neither of them proved very successful and probably left him rather out of pocket.
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