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Tubularman Offline

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Posted: Jan. 29 2005, 21:05

This is a very beautiful piece from maestro world.
(This song last 17.30 min)
But i have one question...

Out in the song, about 11.53 a lady voice say; Are you still there?
And then a new song is beginning. This is a very happy piece.
But is this a mike song?
I think its very Gigi D'agostino. It sounds like I'll fly with you...


Do you know????

Mike Oldfield M i x e s
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Alan D Offline

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Posted: Jan. 30 2005, 05:59

This is the music that plays when you achieve the Maestro level in the game. Rolando, at the MusicVR Forum, recently pointed out that it bears an uncanny resemblance to the finale of Sibelius's second symphony, and indeed it does.
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Alex_VR Offline

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Posted: Dec. 20 2011, 15:54


Is this part of sound (in Music VR Maestro Mix 2)
begin in 11'56 to 15' was on an album of Mike ?

Thanks,  Alex.

(Sorry for my bad english translate by google)
Can we find this piece of music (start to 11'56) on an album by mike ?
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The Thin Man Offline

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Posted: Dec. 20 2011, 17:14

Hi Alex - it's called "Sunset" and you can find it on Light + Shade, although in a very different form.
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