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Piltdownboy on horseback 22 Offline

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Posted: Oct. 19 2005, 02:33

Quote (arron11196 @ Oct. 19 2005, 02:04)
Just in case you're really that interested,...

Yeah, sure I am :)
I like reading these posts and I think that's a pretty good list :cool:
I find it's quite easy to sing songs by Madness, he's got the same tone of voice as me, and the hight (if that's the expression) suits me!

FiFfay fiyao Et que jouait du banjo!!
FiFfay fiyao Et que jouait du banjooo

(Voulez vous de beurre??!!!)
(it was great craic, and very convenient!! ;)
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Posted: Oct. 19 2005, 14:27

My singing is a bit of a bother. I love singing, be it alone or along with Winamp or the stereo. When I'm alone in my house, I often put on something very loud and sing along until my throat hurts - it's usually something uplifting, like Bob The Builder or something. I have no technique at all - it's just yelling. :) I have a good bass voice, my middle range is pretty poor, my high register is not that bad. I can Geddy Lee shriek and Jon Anderson squeal without much trouble. But it's all about just getting the notes out without technique. When I intend to get my voice recorded, I always try to make it just a vehicle for the melody.

The real disappointment comes to... well, putting my voice to the microphone. I suffer from an annoying embarrassment of hearing my singing, I'm totally unable to play and sing at the same time (due to embarrassment and nothing else), and when I get myself on the gear, it's always a bit difficult to overcome that. And there's always the trouble that my voice just doesn't sound the way I imagined. Sometimes, I tend to write exactly the kind of melody I'm unable to sing (like on "Buses" and "I'd Rather Be Home"), so I have to "mask" it. Other times, it's just weird. At least, I know my strength is on writing, not singing. :)

There's one more trouble I tend to face at times... I imagine how my music will be like long before I write or record it. Sometimes I have ideas I just love, but I'm just unable to make them work. And sometimes, I have entire songs in my head without knowing how to make them come to life. I create "concepts" without the content. Oddly enough, sometimes, it seems to work. I don't trust that method too much, though. But I always need an overall framework to write my music - I'm not good at "meandering" and coming up with an album, or something. I need careful planning. It's almost music engineering, at times.

Check out http://ferniecanto.com.br for all my music, including my latest albums: Don't Stay in the City, Making Amends and Builders of Worlds.
Also check my Bandcamp page: http://ferniecanto.bandcamp.com
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