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Topic: Overdubbing and Compression Technique., How does he do it, and how can I do it?< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
ElevatedCosmonaut2 Offline

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Posted: Feb. 18 2021, 08:47

This is more of a general question, but I keep seeing people talking about how Mike "Overdubbed" and "Compressed" his takes to create amazing sounds, my question is, How did he not only overdub it, on tape and in digital in later albums, but also what compression did he use?

If you could link me to a video or two explaining it, it would be greatly appreciated, otherwise, text is fine.
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qcfoetus Offline

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Posted: Feb. 18 2021, 11:13

I'm new to the (complex) world of mixing and mastering, but would suggest the following:
Hope this helps.
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Ommagest Offline

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Posted: Feb. 18 2021, 14:19

Mike Oldfield on Blue Peter

Oldfield himself explaining multitrack recording on childrens tv back in the 70's.
In his studio you can layer 24 sounds together. If you need more you 'bounce' a number of tracks by playing back a load of tracks and recording them onto 2 tracks in stereo. This then frees up tracks.

Ommadawn was done using 16 tracks

A compressor is a device that compresses the loudest signals. This lessens the difference between the loudest and quietest sounds. You can then turn everything in the mix up more. Used correctly it sounds pleasing to the human ear, acoustic guitars sound more jangley and drums have more punch. Overusing compression makes everything sound harsh and too bright. Alas it can be overused to "remaster" cds to make them sound louder on cheap hi fis with disastorous results. It sounds good at first however after a few songs it becomes fatiguing on the ear.
Hope this helps to explain things.

Prog, Punk, Loops and Poetry https://youtube.com/user/SevernDeltaRecording
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