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Lissandragaren3 Offline

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Posted: Jan. 06 2019, 21:36

Discover Super Mario Run and some related games

If you're a Mario fan, try these games to see more games like that!
Super Mario Run

The game was released by Nintendo and both released on Android and iOS with a classic style that is easy to play; the game easily attracts players through different circles. You only need to use two thumbs to control the character to overcome obstacles on the way to save the princess. With many levels of difficulty going through each round, this is a game that is worth trying and conquering.

The game is divided into three levels; the first level is quite simple and helps players understand how to control the character. The next level is based on the data of other players you compete to see who finishes better. The third mode allows players to create their own Mushroom Kingdom using coins collected in the first two modes.

If you are interested in Android games, have a look at Top1 apk market - download apk apps and games for free

Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is a platform game that bears a lot of similarities with Super Mario Run. In fact, when you compare Super Mario Run, you can easily realize that Rayman has more eye-catching graphics. The controls are similar to Mario, but apart from that, the two games are very different. In the game, Rayman must try to find Incrediballs eggs to blow new life into The Sacred Tree.

On the way, you will be able to level with many obstacles, encounter the bandits, minotaurs and many other monsters. What makes the game more prominent Mario Run is the excellent visuals. The game is also provided entirely for free. You can also check out other games in the series like Jungle Run or Fiesta Run.

Super Plumber Run

If you've read the news for a few days, you've probably heard of the Super Plumber Run, which is considered a clone of Super Mario Run. Although not as attractive and stylish as Nintendo's game, the game is still an excellent alternative to Super Mario Run. Their gameplay is identical, with the characters automatically moving forward and you can press to jump. Plumber even brings in mushrooms, coins, and Mario-style case items, on top of a remixed soundtrack!

The main difference is that Super Plumber Run is entirely free, compared to 10 USD you have to spend to play Super Mario Run after passing the first three levels. While free, other items in the game can be purchased with real money like coins, money-attracting magnets, etc. Who knows how long the game will last on the Google Play Store under Nintendo's eyes - but now you can try the game to experience the gameplay and feeling of playing Super Mario Run.

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Adventure Beaks 

Adventure Beaks has many similarities with Super Mario Run, especially gameplay and interface. However, the game still brings some unique features, beautiful graphics, and lots of entertainment.

Instead of controlling the Mario plumber, the game gives you a penguin, and you have to guide it to collect artifacts and coins, explore ancient relics and exotic lands.

Players can use in-game touch controls to run, jump, slide and pass labyrinths, traps, and enemies. Adventure Beaks includes 50 levels of play, 16 challenges, 150 side quests and 198 types of clothes for your penguin.

Similar to the above games, the game is entirely free, you can buy items with real progress in the game.

Mikey Shorts 

Mikey Shorts is a platform game that will make you nostalgic about Super Mario days. In the game, you have to help Mikey guy run, jump and slide to save people and like Mario, you have to collect coins during the adventure.

The game displays buttons on the screen to control, which in the writer's personal opinion is to bring a smoother experience in gameplay than Super Mario Run. Speaking of graphics, although the game does not provide the same image quality as Super Mario Run or Rayman, it is still perfect in general.

Also, Mikey Shorts includes 84 different game screens, two game modes, six unique environments, 170 types of costumes and more. The game is released for free on Google Play Store, so you must try it. You can also try other games in the series like Mikey Boots ($1.99) and Mikey Hooks ($1.99).

Wind-up Knight 2

Wind-up Knight 2 gives you the same gameplay experience as Super Mario Run because they are all platform games. However, instead of a 2D environment like Mario Run, Wind-up Night 2 brings an impressive and beautiful 3D fantasy world that you will love.

As the name suggests, the game lets you play a knight, fight your way, cross high walls, explore tunnels and collect coins. Similar to the plumber in Super Mario Run, the knight will automatically move, and you only have to control for him to jump and fight.

The game offers a variety of significant missions, unique side quests, and tournaments. You can even customize the knight's armor the way you want.

Nob's world - Jungle Adventure

Nob's world game is highly appreciated for its graphics and has much attractive equipment hidden behind the walls. It also has an intuitive interface and easy controls. There are 100 different rounds and four different worlds, more than twenty types of monsters, and ten terrible bosses. Playing this game is quite simple, you just need to swipe to the right or left to move, eat strawberries to get higher and eat flowers to be able to shoot monsters. Collect coins to be able to buy items in the store.

Finally, you can click here to discover more and more Android apps Free online APK downloader - games & app for Android and iOS

Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run, also known by other names, such as Angry Old Lady, sees Granny locked up in Fred's refugee camp. She always cherishes her intention to escape and desperately needs your help. Guide her through strange streets and avoid traps on the road.
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nightspore Offline

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Posted: Jan. 07 2019, 07:10

Go to an image-hosting site like tinypic and use the URL they will provide.
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wendylawrencec329 Offline

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Posted: Nov. 22 2021, 18:05

I don't quite understand how you linked the question "How can I add a photo from my gallery?" with Mario games. But I like Mario and all related games as much as you do. The concept of Mario as a character is very interesting and even unusual in its own way. An ordinary plumber saves the princess from a giant monster who also lives in his castle. Even after 40 years, Nintendo still releases Mario-related games. For example, just this year Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch was released. I have more and more motivation to buy my own Nintendo switch. I wonder if it is possible to enable symmetry photography in this game? Well, even if not, I still want to play this game!
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qjamesfloyd Offline

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Posted: Nov. 23 2021, 04:30

Hello Wendy, welcome to the forum, it's always good to have new members.

Please visit my Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits forum:

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