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dazzler Offline

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Posted: June 23 2009, 17:49

TUBULAR BELLS is Mikes masterpiece.
I wondered how an ultimate rerelease of that album would look like.

Which bonus tracks should be on it?
Should we include lyrics, liner notes and some nice photographs?


Tubular Bells (part one)
Tubular Bells (part two)

Mike Oldfields Single
Sailor's Hornpipe (drunken version)

Well, it looked like Universal read my mind.
But I read they remixed Tubular Bells and revamped
both bonus tracks ... what a shame that is.

I would like to see the original mixes of those tracks released.
So it looks like I'm gonna be stuck with my homemade version.
Froggy Went a-Courting wouldn't fit this release, I agree.
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Zephro_C. Offline

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Posted: April 26 2021, 13:54

Well, we’ve seen that to be released. And actually I have a particular question about a little, hidden detail, wich could be found in the included book.
At the bottom of page 58 you can read the following sentence:
"Go to www.mikeoldfield.com/bonus to access exclusive content"[I]

I bought the box set on release, but it took me until yesterday to finally find the time to sit down and look at the content more closely. As you might already have guessed, the link is already dead and even the way back machine doesn’t give any proper results on what kind of content it was, other than some kind of micro site.
I’m sure, I’m not the only one to own this set here, so is there by chance anyone here, who found that link back in the day and liked it up? If so, could you please share your experience?
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