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AUTOMATIC 18 Offline

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Posted: May 20 2015, 18:22

What is my least favourite Oldfield album?

From the 70s: I love the first 6 and in my opinion QE2 is the weakest but I do like it when I listen to it.

In the 80s: Discovery reigns supreme, then Crises, then FMO. Islands is weak, the long instrumental meanders, but I love 'Flying Start'. Earth Moving is another one I can live without. Amarok has some nice passages but at 60 mins it's too long.

In the 90s: Heaven's Open has only one great track and that is 'No Dream'. TBII is a polished, slick melody machine that is unforgettable forever in my mind. TSODE drags a little and I don't really listen to it that much. Voyager is a better album I reckon. TBIII has some nice touches but nothing new. Guitars is what it says on the tin, but some of the sounds are too synthetic. The Millennium Bell didn't grab me enough, Tres Lunas to soft and TB2003 is kind of pointless. When I listen to it I just want to listen to the original or I ask myself why am I not listening to the original. Light & Shade I listened to once I think!!! I thought Music of the Spheres was interesting and Man on the Rocks was a little to formulated so it didn't manage to grab me!

I just bought some more 70s Deluxe Editions and I'm really enjoying them.
So in my mind 1973 - to 1984 is essential MO!!!!
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larstangmark Offline

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Posted: May 21 2015, 08:02

I'm not too keen on the post-Virgin albums at all and my least favorites are actually TBII and TSoDE. Perhaps it was the shock at the time, I don't know.

I don't know what it is exactly, but there's something that doesn't work for me at all. It's just not quirky or excentric like it the earlier albums. The ethnic chanting sounds kind of empty and clich├ęd in the context of those samplescapes.

I think TSoDE is the worst if I have to chose. It's a almost a new age genre album, which I find sad coming from an artist whose work used to be difficult to categorize.

"There are twelve people in the world, the rest are paste"
Mark E Smith
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First_Excursion Offline

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Posted: May 24 2015, 19:36

Quote (AUTOMATIC 18 @ May 20 2015, 18:22)
So in my mind 1973 - to 1984 is essential MO!!!!

Agreed. It never really reached the same heights for me after that.

MotR is easily my least favourite.
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Jesse Offline

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Posted: Jan. 12 2017, 11:03

any pop album he did in the 80's, I hardly even know them even :\

to me it's like:

TB: WOW!!,
HR: meh,
Ommadawn: WWWOOOOW,
QE2: cool!
platinum: meh,
bunch of other albums: bleh,
amarok: hmmm dunno, the bleeps annoy me too much,
Voyager: nice! but untill you realize all good tunes are not original, TB3: cool,
bunch of other albums: okk ish - good,
Music of the speres: WOW!
man on the rocks: hmm ok
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