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Platinumpty Offline

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Posted: May 22 2020, 12:21

Hey all

Long time no speak!  I got lockdown boredom and found myself creating an Excel Spreadsheet analysing every Oldfield studio album release in terms of 10 criteria (yes, I know...)  The criteria were as follows: originality, melodic beauty, musicianship, passion, ideas, texture, ambition, collaboration, production, conviction.  I assigned a mark out of ten for each album in each criterion and then totalled the results.  I hid the final results column until the end so I couldn't be influenced by how it was adding up as I went.  The results, for what they are worth are as follows (points, grade and ranking):

1. Ommadawn (A* and 93 points)
2. Amarok (A* and 90 points)
3. Tubular Bells (A and 89 points)
4. Incantations (A and 88 points)
5. File Miles Out / Crises (A and 84 points)
6. Hergest Ridge / Return to Ommadawn (A and 81 points)
7. QE2 (A and 79 points)
8. Music of the Spheres (A and 78 points)
9. Platinum (A and 77 points)
10. The Killing Fields (A and 76 points)
11. Tubular Bells II (B and 72 points)
12. Tubular Bells III (B and 71 points)
13. Man on the Rocks (B and 70 points)
14. The Songs of Distant Earth (B and 69 points)
15. Discovery / Islands / The Millennium Bell (B and 67 points)
16. Tubular Beats (B and 64 points)
17. Voyager (B and 61 points)
18. Tres Lunas (C and 59 points)
19. Heaven's Open / Guitars / Light and Shade (C and 58 points)
20. Earth's Moving (C and 57 points)
21. Tubular Bells 2003 (C and 53 points)

Surprises (for me): the lowish placing of Hergest Ridge, the high placing of Man on the Rocks, that no album got a D-grade (Fail), which would have been 49 points or less (okay, as a fan I'm fairly forgiving).  

I admit to a degree of bias (I see no reason for Tubular Bells 2003 existing) and this is just for fun.  I wonder what would happen if we all filled in the spreadsheet and aggregated the results?

Have fun and stay safe out there!

Oldfield Album Analysis in Full
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Priabonia Offline

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Posted: May 23 2020, 08:11

Interesting results, as I did something similar but based on the (slightly...) more objective views on this forum from 2009


I collated just under 30 of the replies and simply assigned a value of 1 to the first ranked, 2 to the second and so on, and therefore the album with the lowest average score was the highest ranked. Advanced statistics it is not, but for interest the top ranked were as follows (with their scores):

1. Ommadawn (4.7)
2. Amarok (5.0)
3. Incantations (yay!) 6.2
4. Hergest Ridge (6.5)
4. Tubular Bells (6.5)
6. Crises (8.3)
7. Five Miles Out (8.7)
8. QE2 (10.1)
9. Tubular Bells II (10.2)
10. SoDE (10.5)

(and this was before the release of "Return to Ommadawn" of course) - so not far from yours

If you rank them by the number of times someone voted an album as their no. 1. then it was:

1. Amarok (9)
2. Incantations (8)
3. Ommadawn (6)
4. Tubular Bells II (2)
5. Hergest  Ridge (1)
5. Tubular Bells (1)


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omgmo Offline

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Posted: May 23 2020, 22:20

Interesting. Thank you for your efforts.

I agree that QE2 has to be high. (And it seems to me that many people don't remember that this album even existed...)
Perhaps Crises is too high for me.
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bah4u Offline

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Posted: Aug. 25 2020, 09:04

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