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tubularbills Offline

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Posted: Feb. 10 2018, 15:59

I just finally listened to this album. I used to be a huge Mike Oldfield fan years ago; but i think over the years I veered away from him. I stuck with my favorite albums (TB3, TSODE, TB2, Guitars) and never really went beyond that.  

But, I was browsing on youtube and came across this album and gave it a listen for the first time (yes, 13 years after it was released).

I probably liked "Light" better than "Shade" as I think that's more "typical" Mike...at least, from what I remembered. A lot of what sounds like Voyager, Tres Lunas, and even a little bit of TB2.

Shade had a couple of neat tracks like Ringscape and Nightshade...but overall wasn't a fan of too much of the rest of it.

I think I tend to like albums that are one long track broken into many smaller ones that all flow together (TSODE, TB2, TB3 and of course the earlier "part 1" of the original TB). There are some exceptions like Guitars (big fan of that one).

This was a neat album to listen to because I could hear sounds of what I would consider classic, guitar Mike. but there seemed to be more on there that I didn't really care for (Surfing...really?). But I don't like so many small non-interconnected tracks. "Singles". Give me the long, epic powerful stuff that he used to do!

Ringscape and Angelique are probably my favorites from this though.

Terrible, Wonderful, Crazy, Perfect.
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nightspore Offline

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Posted: Feb. 10 2018, 18:44

Merciful heavens to Betsy, "Nightshade" is absolutely Mike's worst piece, IMO... And Surfing is great.
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