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They may gain crackle-free sound and portability, but one thing CD buyers miss out on is some of the great artwork that came with LPs, which either hasn't made it to CD, or is so small it can't be seen properly. The situation is almost worse with Mike Oldfield albums since the release of the remasters, which are lacking the original CD booklets, so buyers aren't even getting the extras like lyrics and pictures which were included in those. I got talking about this with some fans, and mentioned that I liked QE2 because of the little 'porthole' cut in the front cover, and the ship diagrams inside...They hadn't seen these things, so here are some scans of them so that anyone who hasn't seen them yet can.

[above] The cover from the QE2 LP. Note the 'porthole' cut in the bottom right hand corner (the white oval).

[above] Here we see the inside sleeve, complete with a diagram of one of the ship's decks, and track listings for side one of the LP.

[above] The other side of the inside sleeve, with a picture of the ship's engine and track listings for side 2.

[above] The label for side 2 of the LP, with life ring design (side one is the same, except obviously showing different tracks). Of note here is the fact that it lists both 'QE2 (Oldfield/Hentschel)' and 'QE2 Finale (Oldfield)', though it gives the time for them as one complete piece.

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