Chat with Jason Cluts

October 22, 2005

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<NachoM> I asked some time before, but I assume that Jason Cluts is english

<turok3> i'm from spanish

<KIK3> Hi Jacson

<ViPeR_86> hi JasonCluts!

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<alexschweigert> hi Jason, welcome

<JasonCluts> Yup, it's english. :)

<David> hello jason

<amarok> hello jason

<NachoM> Hi, Json, just in time!!!

<turok3> hello jason

<JasonCluts> Hi all, glad to be here.

<Shoohurt> hi, jason )) nice to meet you here ))

<Trajan64> ups.....hello jason:)

<JasonCluts> hope I can think of a few interesting things to say. :)

<NachoM> Sure!!

<KIK3> Well

<NachoM> We all are very curious people...

<Carmen68> hello jason

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<JasonCluts> so are most of you from Europe?

<Trajan64> my first question is:who is,mike oldfield?

<Shoohurt> emmm... I'm from Russia ))

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<Trajan64> germany

<JuanEnrique> Hello Jason from Spain

<Wayfarer> Hi again

<turok3> I'm also from Spain

<Wayfarer> Gess what? I've pressed the power button by mistake

<David> and i

<ViPeR_86> Hi Jason I also am from Spain

* Wayfarer is spanish too

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<Bluepeter> hello jason, nice to have you here

<Carmen68> hallo Trajan :-)

<KIK3> Jason, do you know the Mike Oldfield Studio?

<NachoM> ----> Question: What do you say to all the people that criticizes the amount of work that composers do nowadays with electronic devices, instead of "real instruments"?

<Trajan64> hi,carmen:)))

<Carmen68> Mein Englisch ist etwas eingerostet :-))

<KIK3> Work this chat????

<NachoM> Yeah!

<turok3> Yes yes

<ViPeR_86> :)

<KIK3> Ah ok but is stop for a moment

<JasonCluts> well, i think it depends on how you think of music. To me, music has little to do with your physical ability to play a "real" instrument, it has to do with creating a good song. So I'm not sure it should matter how you create that song. So in short, I dont agree with those that criticize composers using a lot electronic devices.

<Wayfarer> Sometimes I ask myself why did I choose french as second foreign language instead of german...

<KIK3> Jason Are you here?

<NachoM> we are all thinking, aren't we?

<Wayfarer> Mmmm

<NachoM> Thanks, Jason!

<Wayfarer> I agree

<NachoM> Next one, please!!!

<Wayfarer> So creativity, and not the skill with an instrument, is the important thing

<amarok> jason do you know mike's studio??

<turok3> creting a good song is the important thing

<JasonCluts> To me, yes. Though I do admire those that have lots of skill with real instruments. It can certainly make it easier to realize your creative vision.

<Wayfarer> Sure

<JasonCluts> no, sorry, im not familiar with mike's studio. I've never even been to Britian. :)

<Trajan64> jason,what is the interface when oldfield plays guitar in the computer against the effect-section

<KIK3> And what instruments have in actuality?

<KIK3> Ah ok

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<ykaroos> evening together

<JasonCluts> sorry, i wont be able to answer any questions about Mike's setup, as I said, I've never seen his studio. Sorry! ;)

<ykaroos> hi jason

<ykaroos> ingo here ;o)

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<JasonCluts> hi all, again

<ykaroos> the L2 Music guy

<ViPeR_86> hi stage7

<ViPeR_86> xD

<stage7> hi there

<JasonCluts> oh, hi ingo, glad you could make it

<Trajan64> ....mist:((

<ykaroos> hehehe

<NachoM> and you can hear simultaneously Jason's music

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<ykaroos> i shoulnd't miss huh?

<JasonCluts> nope, good to see you here

<ykaroos> jason, maybe it's interesting to tell us how you did that amazing arpeg line in FL studio. was it a VSTi?

<David> hello thewatcher

<David> i am toroacu ;-)

<Trajan64> vsti is a plugin for logic audio

<ykaroos> and what kind of filters did u use

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<JasonCluts> That arp line, the main one that Mike used, was actually created with the humble little 3xOsc, which is an instrument built into FL Studio. It's a very simple synth, but I love its sound.

<ykaroos> vsti is a plugin standard for all kind of vst hosts trajan

<JasonCluts> I actually use that same sound on quite a few songs. It cuts through a mix well.

<TheWatcher> Hello, ToroAcu ;)

<ykaroos> did u use any cutoff filtering or resonance?

<ykaroos> for "slipstream"

<ykaroos> ;o)

<JasonCluts> Yes, in the original, for Highpass you'll hear a long filter sweep in the beginning where Im opening up the filter cutoff.

<NachoM> -----------> Question: for a complete ignorant, which is the main benefit of using FL studio, comparing with another devices?

<JasonCluts> It's a common technique that I abuse. :)

<KIK3> Jason, Can you tell me with mike borrowed to you your track please?

<JasonCluts> To me, the main attraction of FL Studio is it's elegant interface, and very intuitive workflow. I've tried Cubase, Logic, Reason, Live, basically all the sequencers, but I keep coming back to FL Studio because it's so much easier to work with.

<Shoohurt> Jason, could you give us some details: what was your part in a making of a track?

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<ykaroos> is FL studio able to act as rewire host for other applications?

<JuanEnrique> Jason, do you believe, that a good music is good enclosedly at device electrÛnics?

<Wayfarer> A ver esos espa?oles, pasadme las preguntas al privado y las traducir? yo. Estoy leyendo verdaderas barbaridades

<ykaroos> hahahaha ... mr. cluts in trouble :o))

<JasonCluts> Basically, Mike started using FL Studio at some point, and heard my demo tune in the program, called Highpass. He liked my main riff in the song and contacted me to ask if he could borrow it to use on a song for his new album. I of course immediately said yes. :)

<KIK3> si seguro que mejor que el google es jajajaja

<Shoohurt> ykaroos, in a big one, i suppose )

<ykaroos> jason, quicker :o)))))))

<ykaroos> hahaha

<ykaroos> kidding mate

<JasonCluts> Sorry, i will try my best to decipher the questions from non-native english speakers. :)

<ykaroos> just take your time dude

<NachoM> We have a spaniard preparing better translations, don't panic!!

<JasonCluts> I never use Rewire, but I'm pretty sure that FL Studio can't act as a rewire host yet. Don't quote me on that though. :)

<guest> Jason, what do you think of Reason?

<JasonCluts> I really like Reason. It has some great synths built into it, and I love the interface. However, I dont care for its sequencer, so I haven't been able to get into it and do much with it.

* Wayfarer is going to act as a translator for spaniards

<stage7> Mr Cluts, I really like your set of songs Faded@4AM and Tranced@4AM... Do you prefer a Plucked! instead of guitar because it is a part of your musical style, or wouldn't you mind to use, let's say, a Slayer if you needed too?

<Trajan64> jason,what do you think of light & this a good album for you?

<Wayfarer> Viper askas: Are you satisfied with Mike's cover of Highpass?

<ykaroos> very good qs trajan!!!! ;o)

<Trajan64> yo

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<ykaroos> don't bring our friend into any trouble ;o)

<JasonCluts> stage7: I first made Faded@4am and Tranced@4am almost 5 years ago, befure we had better guitar sounds like we have in Slayer (for example). So that's a good question. It would be interesting to hear those songs with better guitar sounds, but on the other hand I really like that Plucked sound. It's a nice clear, vibrant sound. So I might just stick with it.

<Wayfarer> Also you could hire Viper... he's a very skilled guitarist ;-)

<JasonCluts> Trajan64: I really like Mikes new album. Of course, I'm biased. :) I think it has a lot of great tracks that still have that distinct Mike Oldfield sound. My favorite's are probably Romance and Tears of an Angel.

<ViPeR_86> xD

<Trajan64> thx,jason:)

<ViPeR_86> thanks Wayfarer xD

<JasonCluts> Heres a better question, what do you guys think of the new album? :)

<NachoM> I must warn you that Romance hs been described by most of his fans as his worst song!!!

<KIK3> Romance?

<Trajan64> middle

<JasonCluts> I'm a huge fan of trance/house/techno, so I would tend to like those types of songs off his album.

<ykaroos> not only romance mates

<NachoM> I see!!

<ykaroos> let's be honest

<AngelValero> mmm, Oldfield's fan preffer more Light than Shade

<KIK3> Do you know the original romance track?

<Shoohurt> Jason... what do you think about Romance track? )))

<Trajan64> our father is my favourite track...

<JasonCluts> So I've noticed. It's been interesting to see how long time Oldfield fans have reacted to the album, vs my own opinions.

<TheWatcher> ?ngel, I think the best tracks are in Shade, but worst too

<JasonCluts> Im not familiar with the original Romance, no

<ykaroos> :o)))

<sunjammer> It's very good. My favorite Track is First Steps

<KIK3> Ohhh is great Jason

<AngelValero> Yes Watcher, I refer to the style

<KIK3> is a spanish clasical guitar melody

<alexschweigert> ---------------- > please tell us more about the contact to mike oldfield and the "deal"; which people contact you and so on.

<AngelValero> Tears Of An Angel is good

<Shoohurt> So, I like Resolution a lot )) great guitar riff ))

<JasonCluts> I still havent received my copy of the CD from the record company yet, so I ended up having to use eMule last night to finally hear it. :)

<ViPeR_86> my favourite track is Ringscape & Tears of an Angel

<TheWatcher> Yes, ?ngel, the best of two disc for me

<NachoM> Question---------> It's funny with Romance, some people say it's a bunch os synths playing themselves and a little nice guitar tune, just no work on it. Do you agree, or it has really some work?


<JasonCluts> i'll answer alex's question next.

<ykaroos> this is universal, but another topic ...

<ykaroos> good plan ;o)

<Trajan64> romanc is without soul:((

<AngelValero> Jason, nice idea, answer Ale'x q, please

<JasonCluts> As I mentioned before, Mike sent me an email about a year ago saying how much he liked Highpass, and asking if he could borrow the main riff for his new album. I of course immediately said yes. A month or so later Mike sent me a first draft of the song to listen to. I was blown away by what he was able to do with my humble riff. Then as the album release closed in I talked more with Mike's lawyer to iron out the details of t

<ykaroos> so you had personal contact to mike?

<ykaroos> is that right?

<AngelValero> jejeje, he had the Mike's mail.......

<ykaroos> if yes: how was he?

<JasonCluts> Nacho: As I hinted at before, I guess I don't worry too much about how much work a song requires. As long as the end result is a good song, I'm not sure it matters how the song was created.

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<alexschweigert> thank you.... one more: it was a year ago that mike has send you a first draft?

<ykaroos> was he kind, or arrogant, or what? :o)

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<JasonCluts> ykaroos: yes, me and mike corresponded via email. Nothing at length. He seemed like a really nice guy to work with, and asked for my opinions on what he did with the song.

<JasonCluts> Let me check when that was...

<alexschweigert> very interesting, thank you Jason

<JasonCluts> 8/12/2004, so more than a year ago

<alexschweigert> ah.

<JasonCluts> I guess the album was a long time in the making. :)

<TheWatcher> What do you think about the oldfield's works, jason?

<ykaroos> did u talk about cash at this point of first contact?

<Shoohurt> ------------> Jason, what's your fav Mike's album? If you have one, of course )

<TheWatcher> what's your favourite?

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<Shoohurt> TheWatcher, the same brainwaves ))

<JasonCluts> The negotiations for the cash were with his lawyer, quite awhile after the first contact. It was rather straightforward though. They proposed a good deal off the bat.

<TheWatcher> XDDD

<ykaroos> so, are you happy with what you got?

<AngelValero> JASON: Did he tell you that you didnt' tell anything about the new album??

<ykaroos> do you feel treated good?

<KIK3> Jason I invite to listen Romance the original Mike inspiration here

<KIK3> Is anonimous

<JasonCluts> TheWatcher: Before Mike first contacted me I was familiar with him and had a lot respect for his work. But I can't say I was a huge fan, and not all that familiar with CDs other than Tubular Bells. Mike just isnt nearly as big here in the US. But then I started listening to his older stuff, and really really liked what I heard. Id say my favorites are Ommadawn and Hergest Ridge.

<ykaroos> hehehe

<ykaroos> now you made some people happy dude

<TheWatcher> ok, thak you, Jason

<JasonCluts> ykaroos: I'm pretty happy with what I got. It was very fair.

<ykaroos> :D

<JasonCluts> KIK3: I will listen later, thanks!

<ykaroos> do you think mike made highpass a better "slipstream"?

<NachoM> Ommadawn 30th annyversary will be next friday!!!!

<JasonCluts> Angel: He never told me not to talk about the new album, but I thought it best to keep my mouth shut anyways. You never know. So I didnt really tell anyone about our collaboration until close to the release.

<KIK3> well :)

<ykaroos> did the FL studio dudes interact whilst handling all that deal things?

<JasonCluts> ykaroos: I definitely like what mike did with Highpass. He definitely added interest, where mine might seem boring to some people. I kept the riff the same thoughtout the song for a more trance like feel, where mike varied it up.

<ykaroos> have they been involved?

<JasonCluts> The FL Studio people I know have been talking to Mike seperately about other matters, but nothing having to do with FL Studio.

<ykaroos> did u have to give rights to FL studio for the demo stuff?

<JasonCluts> I have an informal relationship with the guys from FL Studio, so we've never talked much about the legal matters of the demo songs. But we have full rights to do what we wish with our own demo songs.

<JasonCluts> Or so I hope. :)

<Shoohurt> -------------> Jason, did Mike thanked you for your assistance or something?

<ykaroos> sound man

<JasonCluts> Mike and I havent talked since he finished the song and released the album, but he was very gracious while he worked on it.

<Shoohurt> thanks

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<ykaroos> you're not in touch with him anymore?

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<JasonCluts> no, not really. he's of course a busy man. :)

<ykaroos> he is? how do you know?

<AngelValero> Jason... so you have his mail adress, don't you??

<Shoohurt> yeah, right... bikes and so on, you know ))

<ykaroos> hahaha

<ykaroos> bikes ...

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<JasonCluts> I have his email address, correct. And no, you can't have it. :)

<ykaroos> the and so on would be interesting to know

<ykaroos> this is polite jason, allright

<guest> Jason, what do you think of pattern-based music trackers (Fast Tracker, Renoise, and the like)? Do professionals still find them "amateurish", compared to sequencers?

<KIK3> Certly, he is very busy in his motos and helicopters ;-)

<ykaroos> dies mike know that you chat to us here now?

<ykaroos> did u ask him for permission or something?

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<JasonCluts> guest: good question. I made my first music with Fast Tracker, back in college, almost 10 years ago. I don't know of any professionals that use, but I don't see why not. Anymore, I think a program like FL Studio is easier to use, and gives you similar benefits to the old trackers.

<Kiwwy> .ft

<ykaroos> <--- started 1990 with tracker progs as well :o)

<JasonCluts> ykaroos: nope, didnt ask for permission. I assumed it was ok for me to talk freely about my own music, but who knows.

<guest> Jason, do you have any modules I can download?

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<JasonCluts> modules. dont quite understand, sorry.

<guest> Hehe. XM files for FastTracker, i mean.

<Shoohurt> i hope no one of us will tell Mike what's happening here right now ))

<AngelValero> Fast Tracker..... the father of FL Studio!!!!

<ykaroos> jason, what are you heading for now with that quick kind of fame you experience?

<JasonCluts> I might agree. thought I think hammerhead might be a closer father.

<NachoM> --------------> Have you plans to publish some music in a normal cd edition? Maybe your association with Mike could help, as it happened with another people in the past, at least in Europe.

<Trajan64> here is not for interest for mo:(

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<alexschweigert> -------------------> jason please tell us more about your life.... , your hobbies, where you live... your age and so on. thank you.

<JasonCluts> ykaroos: i guess we'll see. Ive never been one to do much self promotion, and enjoy keeping music just a fun hoby. I do have a single being released to vinyl on a belgium label soon though.

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<ykaroos> shoe size, bank account no. ...

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<ykaroos> :D

<Kiwwy> hHHH

<Kiwwy> yeah

<Kiwwy> we are your fans

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<pelaez> hello

<ykaroos> HAHAHAA

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<ykaroos> WE LOVE JASON

<ykaroos> :D

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<JasonCluts> NachoM: I keep pretty busy with my day job, but I do think it would be interesting to see what I could do with my music now that I have the association with Mike Oldfield.

<JasonCluts> haha, thanks guys

<ykaroos> what's your day job?

<Carmen68> Danke Bluepeter

<JasonCluts> I build web sites for an e-commerce company. So yes, I'm a computer nerd. :)

<ykaroos> how old are you, jason?

<JasonCluts> 30. Lets see, what else can I share... I'm married to my lovely wife Betsy, we live in St. Louis, MO. I enjoy going out to clubs and bars frequently. In fact my favorite club in St. Louis is closing this weekend, so we're going to their final party tonight.

<stage7> Jason, what kind of music does a tracker like you listen to? (inspiration...)

<ykaroos> what state of the usa is that?

<JasonCluts> That's in Missouri, in the midwest. Right in the middle.

<KIK3> And what style of music like it?

<ykaroos> near texas or kentucky?

<Trajan64> lolo

<Kiwwy> the colonel! aaha

<guest> Jason, you said you used Fast Tracker. Do you still have songs composed by you with a tracker, available to download?

<JasonCluts> stage7: I listen to a ton of European dance/trance/techno music. Big fan of Van Buuren, Van Dyk. Some german techno like Chris Liebing. All sorts of stuff. Also lots of ambient like the Orb, and some old new age like Tangerine Dream.

<Shoohurt> ---------------> Jason, what do you think about taking some samples from Ommadawn or Hergest Ridge and using them in your own tracks? I guess you can feel free to do it now )))

<stage7> The Orb? that's nice :)

<JasonCluts> guest: sorry, no. I was terrible with Fast Tracker. Even if I did still have songs, they'd be bad. :)

<JasonCluts> I love the Orb, I've seen them live twice.

<Kiwwy> what about royksopp?

<JasonCluts> Love royksopp! Just started listening to them.

<ykaroos> did u ever phone up with mike?

<Kiwwy> yeah me too heh

<JasonCluts> and m83, another new favorite.

<stage7> Jason, you'll love Melody AM

<stage7> (R?yksopp's first)

<JasonCluts> Nope, never spoke to Mike on the phone. Probably just as well, I'm terrible with British accents. :)

<ykaroos> hahaha

<Kiwwy> heh

<ykaroos> and mike's very intensive huH?

<Trajan64> lol

<JasonCluts> Yes, I do. Jost downloaded Melody AM off iTunes.

<JasonCluts> not sure, cant say Ive heard mike speak.

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<ykaroos> jason, have u ever thought about a professional music carRER?

<ykaroos> carreer

<ykaroos> sorry

<JasonCluts> of course! If I could make ends meet with such a career, it would be great. Ive never pursued it seriously though.

<ykaroos> you should maybe ;o)

<ykaroos> but this only btw

<ykaroos> ...

<JasonCluts> thanks ykaroos, we'll talk again later. :)

<ykaroos> have you heard the tune mike did with schikker?

<ykaroos> schiller

<ykaroos> sorry

<ykaroos> hahaha

<Trajan64> hehe

<pelaez> Hi jason have you ever hear something about someone called mike oldfield before he steal your music?

<JasonCluts> Nope, sorry.

<alexschweigert> schikker is good ;-)

<ykaroos> wooooooo

<ykaroos> steal?

<ykaroos> schikker is my new project :o))))

<NachoM> ----> Have you got any demo from Slipstream?? Or did you receive the final version?

<JasonCluts> Ha ha, nice question pelaez. :) But he didn't steal it. Yes, I had heard of Mike Oldfield and his Tubular Bells before he borrowed my music.

<pelaez> ok thanks

<ykaroos> borrowed is good :o))

<JasonCluts> I do have an earlier version of Slipstream, but it is very similar. The main difference is the piano part at around 2 minutes.

<JasonCluts> that was added later.

<NachoM> ----> And could it see the light of day?? ;-)

<JasonCluts> probably not, sorry. I dont think Mike would approve. ;)

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<NachoM> -----> That's fair, but I must try!!!!!!

*** stage7 [] has joined #mike_oldfield

<JasonCluts> Of course, don't blame you.

<NachoM> It's funny because Mike has put into the album a widely reported inferior version to that Schiller's collaboration Nightshade

<NachoM> Sometime's demos are better (to someone's opinion) than the final version

<JasonCluts> interesting! I guess I need to follow the Oldfield gossip better. I'll have to take a listen to the original Nightshade.

<Shoohurt> NachoM, you're right, man! I liked the Weightless demo much more than the final cut

<JasonCluts> any more questions guys?

<Shoohurt> just thinkin ))

<ykaroos> hahaha

<ykaroos> jason runs out of fuel huh?

<NachoM> ----> You see, you had interesting things to saY!!!

<JasonCluts> oh, i have plenty of fuel.

<JasonCluts> ha, well glad you think so.

<TheWatcher> Jason, many people think that mike's new album sounds a bit amateur. What do you think about that?

<Shoohurt> and waht bout time? )

<KIK3> Jason this is the ranking of shade tracks you can see here the vote of your version

<ykaroos> interesting qs


<JasonCluts> TheWatcher: I really don't agree. That may be because I'm more biased towards the type of music on the new album, and haven't been listening to Mike for long. So maybe I have more of an outsider perspective? I thought it was a good album.

<guest> Jason: are you a Mac guy or a Windows guy?

<TheWatcher> ok, thanks

<pelaez> to me it?s more like a blueprint than a complete work

<JasonCluts> Windows. But I have to say, if FL Studio ran on a Mac, I'd use a Mac. I like Macs more, but Im addicted to FL Studio.

<Shoohurt> Jason, what car do you have? )

<KIK3> I have a 600 car :-D

<JasonCluts> ha, interesting question. Nissan Altima, black, V6, 220 HP. :)

<Shoohurt> wow ))

<AngelValero> nice

<stage7> Jason, viewing your demo tunes included with FL. Do you think, as Pilchard, that 3xOSC is "the most powerful soft-synth in the world"?

<pelaez> jason who will be next villain in spider-man 3 the movie?

<JasonCluts> pelaez: how did you know?!

<pelaez> how i knew what??

<JasonCluts> stage7: I certainly dont think 3xOsc is the most powerful, but it is one of my favorites because it's so simple, and sounds so good.

<JasonCluts> pelaez: oh, my bad, thought YOU know who the next villian in spider-man 3 was. :)

<Trajan64> jason,what do you think about the future oldfields.....only techno tracks of him?

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<pelaez> just trying to ask something original

<Shoohurt> Trajan64, hope you're wrong ))

<Trajan64> i hope too

*** stage7 [] has quit [Ping timeout]

<Shoohurt> ))

<JasonCluts> trajan: who knows? it seems mike isnt afraid to try new things, and doesnt like being categorized. I love techno, so I wouldnt mind if he did only do techno. :)

<Shoohurt> Jason, did tou play Music VR game made by Mike?

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<TheWatcher> Don't you think there are a lot of good tecno musicians yet?

<TheWatcher> But noone who does the music mike do?

<JasonCluts> Shoohurt: Nope, never played it. I might have to check it out.

<JasonCluts> TheWatcher: Interesting point. But I'd have to say, I guess we can only hope Mike makes the music he enjoys making. If he stops having fun making it, we might not here anything from him. :)

<JasonCluts> or hear, even

<TheWatcher> ok, jason, i'm agree with you, mike musts do what he wants

<pelaez> your name appears in "light + shade" credits so you have author right on every copy selled have you talk about your rotalties with mike?

<pelaez> i wantet to say royalties

<pelaez> wanted

<turok3> I think Mike always makes what he wants and I¥m agree with him

<Shoohurt> ))

<JasonCluts> pelaez: yes, I am receiving royalties on every album sale. Not much, but something. :)

<pelaez> thats right

<pelaez> congratulations

<Shoohurt> money just for some weekend beer ))

<JasonCluts> Shoohurt: Excellent point! :)

<Shoohurt> ))

<AngelValero> Jaon: I'm going Out, it has been a pleasure to speak with you, COngratulatoins for your Highpass

<pelaez> talking about beer do you like sam addams?

<AngelValero> espaÒoles, corto ya que esoy empezando a pensar en inglÈs ya.....

<JasonCluts> angel: thanks for coming by!

<TheWatcher> bye, ?ngel

<AngelValero> bye everybody

<amarok> bye angel

<pelaez> condi? angel

<JasonCluts> I took two years of espanol in college, but I'm still terrible at it.

<AngelValero> pleased to meet everybody

<TheWatcher> see you in taurus IV!

<Carmen68> Beye Angel

<AngelValero> yeah, haha

<JasonCluts> see ya angel

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<Shoohurt> Jason, do you feel any pride for the collaborating with the one of the most tallanted musicians? ))

<JasonCluts> Shoohurt: of course! very much so. I was very flattered that Mike wanted to borrow the song.

<Carmen68> Jason, do you speek german?

<JasonCluts> the only downside is not too many people in the US are familiar with Mike, so it's hard to brag to my friends about it. :)

<turok3> I¥m leaving. Bye everyone

<KIK3> Bye Jason and all people, and thaks

<TheWatcher> bye, turok3

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<JasonCluts> Carmen: nope, sorry

<turok3> bye

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<NachoM> ----> Do you like Vocaloid / Cantor, the vocals software that Mike uses in L+S?

<pelaez> i was living in boston a short period and there mike oldfield is so famous as my uncle anselmo

<alexschweigert> Jason: we have to thank you very much for this chat.

<TheWatcher> are you from germany, carmen?

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<JasonCluts> Nacho: mixed feelings on Vocaloid. I think it can make for some intersting effects in a song, but its no replacement for real vocals.

<alexschweigert> Thank you for visiting us and answering our questions

<Trajan64> and i am auch von germany.....

<Shoohurt> Jason, yeah, I think it's not good when you're trying to say something like "I worked with Mike Oldfield, dude!" and hearing the answer like "Emmmm... Mike who??"

<JasonCluts> pelaez: exactly, good point

<JasonCluts> shoohurt: exactly!

<JasonCluts> alex, thank you for inviting me, this has been alot of fun.

<Shoohurt> yes, thank you a lot, Jason )) It was very nice too meet you )

<David> thanks jason, from

<JasonCluts> good to meet you all too. lots of great questions.

<ykaroos> cheers, jason

<ykaroos> take care dude

<JasonCluts> thanks david.

<JasonCluts> you take care too ingor.

<ykaroos> catch you up soon mate

<ykaroos> ;)

<Carmen68> beye Jason

<JasonCluts> later ykaroos

<JasonCluts> see ya carmen

<Trajan64> mikes world is hear in europe,especially spain and germany.....but not us:(

<Trajan64> here

<JasonCluts> trajan: so i noticed! maybe i'll have to move to Europe? ;-)

<NachoM> Best regards, Jason!!

<Carmen68> thanks you

<Shoohurt> Trajan64, the same thing in Russia ))

<pelaez> sunny spain is a good choice

<Trajan64> i will play guitar for you,how oldfield....perhaps

<JasonCluts> sounds good. I'd like to visit spain sometime soon. i hear it's beautiful.

<TheWatcher> bye, jason, and thank you very much

<JasonCluts> Bye Watcher.

<pelaez> adios watcher recuerdos a la tower

<TheWatcher> de tu parte ;)

<JasonCluts> Ok, time for me to step out guys. It's been a lot of fun, I really enjoyed the questions. Great to see Mike has such a good fan community.

<NachoM> alguien sabe como guardar el texto del chat

<slack> NachoM: I'm logging it :)

<slack> bye Jason, thanks :)

<guest> Jason: it would be great if you could mail Mike with one thought from each one of us.

<JasonCluts> I wouldnt mind having a log too, if you could email it to, I would appreciate it.

<Trajan64> or send the mail to us:))))

<Trajan64> and the adress of course:))

<JasonCluts> i really hate to bother mike too much, but I can send him your regards.

<pelaez> a real pleasure jason mr oldfield must to learn a pair of things from you besides how to use fl studio

<slack> JasonCluts: sure, I'll send you a copy

<JasonCluts> ha, great to hear that pelaez

<JasonCluts> ok, bye all, take care!'

<TheWatcher> bye!

<amarok> bye jason

*** JasonCluts left #mike_oldfield []

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