Chat with Schiller

January 14, 2005

<Korgscrew> Are you still there, Christopher?
<schiller> good evening everybody.
<Korgscrew> Aha!
<schiller> yes, i am.
<schiller> first of all i would like to thank you for this kind invitation. it is a pleasure to be here
<Korgscrew> It's great to have you here!
<Korgscrew> Just in case anyone isn't familiar with how we'll do this, we'll start with a short 'interview', then you can all ask as many questions as Christopher time (and energy) fir!
<Korgscrew> for, even
<schiller> go ahead ;-)
<Korgscrew> Time fir - a sundial made out of an old christmas tree
<Tim> :)

<Korgscrew> Well, I'm intrigued...both you and Mike Oldfield seem to have picked similar themes for your most recent albums - Light and Shade, Day and Night. What attracted you to the idea of an album about day and night?
<schiller> the title of the record appeared to me, after i finished the album to approx. 50%. i did some tracks and then i wondered to which "subject" they might have inspired me.
<schiller> so in this case that was somthing like eternity, but also a very contrast-kind of thing. "day and night" seemed to be the ideal description for that.

<Korgscrew> Do you think it's a theme which is important to your music, this idea of contrasting sides?
<schiller> i like "life" itself. and life is, as we all know, full of contrasts and full of opposite meanings. and as my music somehow represents "life", the contrasting aspect makes a lot of sense to me.

<Korgscrew> I get the sense, especially with the spoken parts on the album, that it's something like going on a guided tour. Do you like the idea of your albums being a kind of journey that you guide the listener on?
<schiller> journey - yes. but not necessarily a "guided" one. i try to give some hints. but at the end it is up to the listener to follow a certain hint, or go after another one.

<Korgscrew> So that they're exploring the things youo've hidden for them to find?
<schiller> well, i am not hiding things in purpose. but as this music is very emotional and personal, it obviously reveals some of my inner feelings...

<Korgscrew> That's of course something which is a major element of Mike Oldfield's music too, these things which are maybe not so easy to find on first listen, that are 'hidden' and need to be explored. Was he an inspiration to you when you first started making music?
<schiller> i grew up in the mit 80s, so i obviously listened to his "80s period". which was not very inspiring to me but i found it somehow interesting. then i discovered his "early works". they inspired me very much, and still do. just got the EXPOSED-DVD ;-)

<Korgscrew> Ah yes, that was quite an amazing concert really, a really huge thing to pull off!
<Korgscrew> I see that you like to do quite spectacular concerts too...
<schiller> yes, indeed. and they got interesting equipment those days...

<Korgscrew> Does it excite you to be able to add that visual dimension when you perform your music?
<schiller> yes, it really does. simply interesting to put another dimension to the music.

<Korgscrew> You mix your albums in Dolby Surround, I see. What attracts you to that format?
<schiller> it is a good mixture between "surround" and "stereo-compatible".
<schiller> and it leaves a bit more space than just plain "stereo".,
<schiller> although one of my favourite albums, "pet sounds" by the beach boys was entirely mono ;-)

<Korgscrew> Well yes, good music works however many speakers it comes out of! Do you think that surround will be used more often in the future?
<schiller> i am afraid, that it will not be used even that often. it is strange - technology puts us in the position of reproducing sound better and better. but instead of taking advantage of those possibilites, mp3 and such formats are ruining the music...

<Korgscrew> Yes, it's quite funny how things seem to be going backwards in some ways!
<schiller> indeed. from vinyl to tape to CD. and back ;-)

<Korgscrew> But, I suppose on the plus side, the new technologies being developed for sharing music on the internet make it easier for musicians to collaborate via the net...which is how you worked with Mike Oldfield, isn't it?
<schiller> that is true. so like "Life" itself everything has two sides...

<Korgscrew> How do you find that collaborating electronically like that compares to working with someone in the same studio?
<schiller> well...
<schiller> it has two sides ;-)

<Korgscrew> Heh...what would those two sides be?
<schiller> but if the time-schedule and the logistics allow it, i prefer working together in the studio. although it was a nice experience to do it online.

<Korgscrew> Do you generally rely on exchanging a lot of ideas when you work with other musicians?
<Korgscrew> Or is it more a case of having a quite fixed idea of what you want from them?
<schiller> you never know what will happen. so this is difficult to rely on. but each artist has his own "style". and i think, that this gives some idea of what the result will sound like after all.

<Korgscrew> It certainly seems like your style fits well with Mike Oldfield's. Do you have more plans to work together?
<schiller> we talked about a further collaboration, maybe something completely new. but we both concentrate on our "own" stuff for now. but who knows ?

<Korgscrew> Well, I think we all look forward to seeing what happens!

<Korgscrew> With that, I think everyone has been waiting very patiently there - I hope this has given you all some ideas of things you can ask about, if you didn't have some's time to open the floodgates!
<schiller> yes. we will see what the future brings in general...
<Korgscrew> Please try not to all talk at once though!

<Bluepeter> thank you for joining this little chat christopher, how do you think will the internet in general be a media for artists and fans to meet ?
<schiller> i think it is simply great. this way of communication would have been impossible even 10 years ago.

<Tsode> Hello Christopher I?m Spanish. in Spain we meet you for your collaboration with Mike Oldfield. Why don?t you never bring your albums to Spain?
<schiller> hi to spain ;-) that is a good question. i would love to do so. but the record company has its own mechanisms. but i really try my best to get the albums released in your nice country.

<Inkanta> Greetings, Christopher! I hadn't heard of Schiller prior to your MO collaboration (I'm in mid-west USA). But now, I have two of your CDs on order. Do you think that some of the long-time Schiller fans have discovered Mike through his work on your album?
<schiller> i think so, and in fact i hope so. mid-west USA ? i went to omaha in 1987 for a school-exchange ;-)

<ToroAcu> How did you end up making a mix for Moya Brennan (the song "Show Me")? Did you meet her? Did she contact with you or was it you the one who approached her?

<Inkanta> Omaha! Cool! I'm two hours from St. Louis, Missouri!
<schiller> ah. all the best to missouri!

<Mmmmarcus> Hallo aus Deutschland. I'm very pleased to meet you! In your concerts you often present the stars, which already contributed on the album. Did you get the impression that Oldfield might like to join some concerts in the future? Any tour plans so far?

<olivier> I recently read an article about Stockhausen and then tried to listen to it. I can't enjoy modern/contemporary music, I don't get it. Do you listen to it (Boulez, Stokhausen, stuff like that), enjoy it? Do we have to be supermen to be able to like it? Mike Oldfield collaborated with one of these composers: David Bedford.

<Korgscrew> I'll just go back to +m for a minute to give Christopher some time to answer those

<schiller> as far as i know, mike just moved from the london-area to the bath-area in the UK. so i figure he is rather occupied and it is not very likely that he will play live with the least not on the upxoming one.
<schiller> upcoming

<schiller> to oliver: i try my best to respect those "modern" composers. but to be honest: i do not like their music very much...

<Unknow_Man_Shade> Hi, Schiller, All of us love the early works of Mike Oldfield, like you. øHe has any project about this, a long instrumental work? øHe talked you about?
<schiller> no, not in detail.

<Korgscrew> I think turok3 has a question...

<turok3> <schiller> no, not in detail.

<turok3> Yes
<turok3> Hello. How much time did you (both) spend making "Morgentau"? Thanks Christopher, from Spain.
<schiller> hard to calculate. maybe 4 days combined - which makes 10 hours a day...not calculated the file-transfer via the www.

<mastermind_> Hi Christopher, your music is absolutely amazing, I would like to ask you what kind of music do you usually listen to. Greetings from Spain.
<schiller> thank you. i am listening to at least one tangerine dream-album per week, some 80s pop music. it is hard for me to find contemporary music. i love ludovico einaudi.

<jones3d> I like Morgentau very very much. It has a cool mysterious feeling. Christopher, do you know Enigma music? If yes, do you like it?

<Korgscrew> I think you have a playlist on iTunes which people can look at, don't you?

<schiller> i love the first album and i respect the second one. i think michael cretu should not sing that much. in fact i know frank petersen very well, his co-producer from the first enigma-album. he brought me to sarah brightman. with her i did a track on the "life" album. and tissy thiers, who did MOTI SPECIAL and CRETU THIERS with michael is a regular in my live-band.

<Tsode> What software do you use to compose your songs?
<schiller> i use logic. just upgraded from 6 to 7.

<Korgscrew> I think ToruAcu's question about Moya Brennan got skipped...
<Korgscrew> ToroAcu: How did you end up making a mix for Moya Brennan (the song "Show Me")? Did you meet her? Did she contact with you or was it you the one who approached her?

<Schillheimer> Hallo Christopher, liebe Gr??e nach Berlin. What about Moya Brennan, will we she see on the schillertour 2006?

<schiller> sorry ;-)
<schiller> toroacu: actually her record-label contacted me. but she called me, after she heard the mix. became quite familiar to each other by now.

<Korgscrew> She sings on Tag und Nacht, of course...

<Schillheimer> I hope so

<schiller> hallo schillheimer, schoen dich zu sehen...gruesse an alle...moya brennan will be on the tour. we are still trying to fix some dates. most probably she will be in duesseldorf on may, 10th.
<schiller> maybe even on more shows...

<Unknow_Man_Shade> øAre you listened the Mike Oldfield's cover of Romance? øDo you think that this is a retro techno style?

<Korgscrew> I suppose we should remind anyone who's interested that all of the Schiller tour dates are available on

<Schillheimer> Christopher, Leipzig and Chemnitz are very nice citys, Moya will be love it!!! ;)

<schiller> i think romance is a very nice song. but not necessarily retro...

<schiller> schillheimer, i know - i went to her solo-shows there. we will see...unfortunately her schedule is rather tight next year.

<sorti> Would you like to compose something similar to the romance? Ancient made modern music
<schiller> why not...

<Tsode> Two Questions: in your previous albums you included heppner's voice. Why didn't you do it in this one? Did you know Mike Oldfield's music before your collaboration with him?

<mtomasky> hello, greetings from Poland, Christopher, do you like movie music, do you know any composers? Maybe Hans Zimmer rings a bell? ;)

<olivier> Did you consider using something else than German for the spoken parts of your music? Mike Oldfield had a track released in several languages: To Be Free (a tune, let's say, I respect... ;-)

<Korgscrew> Ok, again, we'll just give Christopher some time to answer those properly

<schiller> tsode: yes, i knew mike's music since some time. heppner is a good friend of mine, and we decided to give it a break on this album.

<Korgscrew> (and I'll try to make sure none of them get missed :D)

<schiller> mtomasky: of course, hans zimmer rings a bell. i like music for movies.

<schiller> olivier: well, so far i did not consider that. as it is my mother-language, i feel quite safe using it.

<schiller> and greetings go poland ;-)

<Uwe> hi Christopher, I thouht you are on a trip by car with your father?
<schiller> hi uwe, we will leave in february...
<schiller> we prepare a website:
<schiller> will be online from mid-february.
<Uwe> that's fine
<schiller> we will go through iran and pakistan. very exciting, to say the least-
<devoe> Yeah, sounds very exciting

<Unknow_Man_Shade> Schiller, a lot of us are Mike Oldfield's spanish fans. We can't buy or hear your Cds, so øwhat album of Mike sound most next to your music?
<schiller> that is difficult for me to say. very difficult...on you can listen to some of he schiller-tracks including the videos. maybe you get an idea then...

<Uwe> I still remember the fan treffen in Berlin in 2005, that was great!

<Unknow_Man_Shade> ohhh, thanks

<Inkanta> Christopher, what was the first musical instrument that you learned to play, and do you still have it?

<Schillheimer> christpher, the himalaja-rally ends 2 day before the tour starts, thats right?

<schiller> i learned to play the piano. but unfortunately i do not have that particular one anymore...
<Inkanta> Ah...thanks!

<schiller> schillheimer: no, i will be back around april 10th. so there is some time to prepare for the tour. rehearsals start april 18h.

<Korgscrew> What do you think about the idea that electronic instruments aren't 'proper' instruments?
<schiller> i do not agree. in fact they are real "organic" instruments. electricity appears in nature - think of flash thunder or the notorious "lemon battery",#

<Tsode> just before saying good bye, I'd like to beg you something: Please, convince your record company to market your material in Spain, your Spanish fans would be very grateful. best wishes

<Tubularman> Hello Schiller, im not good asking questions, just wanna say that your music is lovely :)

<Korgscrew> Indeed! I personally feel that an electronic instrument like the theremin can be every bit as expressive as an acoustic instrument...but I won't get on that particular hobby horse right now ;)

<schiller> :-)
<schiller> well, i think i have to leave now...

<Inkanta> What advice would you give a young person hoping for a career in music?
<Inkanta> Whoops

<Korgscrew> Well, thanks very much for taking the time to join us!

<schiller> inkanta: do not give up. never. and try to find your own personal style. this is most imporant. good luck.

<Bluepeter> one last question christopher, would you mind a translation of this chat appearing in a nn-commercial german fanzine of MO?
<schiller> bluepeter: that is fine with me.

<sorti> Is it true that the bald men triumph more with the women?

<schiller> no problem.

<Bluepeter> thanks !

<Korgscrew> Ha!

<Uwe> Christopher, wir freuen uns auf den 11. Mai auf Deine neue Tag und Nacht Tour!

<schiller> sorti: that is new to me.

<schiller> uwe: freu mich auch.

<Uwe> :-))

<sorti> ;)

<schiller> well, thank you very much for having me here. it has been a real pleasure. and sorry for the delay. and thank you for the warm welcome you gave me.

<Tubularman> :)

<Korgscrew> That's quite ok, it's good you got here in the end!

<schiller> please take care and thank you very much again. bye.

<Korgscrew> Bye!
<Inkanta> Thanks so much for joining us (and my last question was for the young ones on our forum)
<Unknow_Man_Shade> Thanks to you Christopher
<ToroAcu> thanks chirstopher
<Tim> Thanks for coming Christopher - goodnight!
<Uwe> Thanks Christopher and have a good trip!
<Mmmmarcus> It was OUR pleasure. Thanks!
<Bluepeter> take care, too, thanks for joining!
<mastermind_> bye schiller!
<sorti> thank you men
<jones3d> Thanks a lot Chris
<turok3> thanks
<TheWatcher> thank you very much
<mastermind_> and thanks for your music
<mtomasky> bye
<jones3d> Tell Mike about us if you see him
<Unknow_Man_Shade> XDD
<Bluepeter> heh, yes, tell him we don't bite hahaha
<Schillheimer> bye Christopher, we will mett you in Leipzig and Chemnitz
<Schillheimer> meet
<schiller> thank you and finally: good night everybody ;-)
<Korgscrew> Gute Nacht!
<Elektroschmock> thank you and good luck for your voyage
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