Encuentro digital Mike Oldfield

May 22, 2003

Los40 (Spanish radio)

Question 1: What are your plans for the future? What musical styles? Have you thought about a tour in Spain? I'd love a live 'Amarok'... Do you think it will be possible? thanks

I want to learn how to make acrobatic flights with my radio controlled helicopter. Regarding the styles, what I want to do is music in virtual reality and you can already see that in my official web, www.mikeoldfield.com. I don't think I'll tour in Spain for the moment. And regarding Amarok, I think it's very complex to perform it live cause it would be difficult to find so many guitarists, it would be needed much time and effort.

Question 2: I am a 18 year old boy and I'd like to ask you: in your constant evolution as an artist and as person, aren't you afraid of evolutioning wrong? maybe your previous albums were better than the actual ones.

No, i'm not afraid of being wrong. It's a matter of opinions, there are people who think the opposite and we can't all always agree.

Question 3: would it be possible some day to have an ommadawn 2?

No, but I may work in a 5.1 remix.

Question 4: Don't you think that after albums like 'The Millenium Bell' or 'Tubular Bells 3' you've somehow left your style?

No, I'm always surprised by the diversity of opinions I've seen in the different webs.

Question 5: Will it be the last Mike Oldfield's album? i hope not.

I also hope it's not like that. I'm having a cup of coffee and hope it's not my last cup of coffee.

Question 6: Is Tubular Bells an unsurpassable masterpiece or do you think other works of yours surpass this? imo "Tubular Bells ll" is better. Maya Gold touches me.

I hope you enjoy the new recording of TB2003.

Question 7: Did you improvise in Ambient Guitars in TB 1973?

yes, it was pure improvisation.

Question 8: Don't you feel yourself undervalued due to the kind of music you write?

In Spain my music is indeed appreciated. In some countries it is, though possibly it's music for connoisseurs (a certain sector)

Question 9: Do you think TB 2003 will have the same success as the original from 1973? I think 16 millions copies is something unattainable. good luck.

I don't think it reaches that level of success, though possibly, along years and in the different formats, it can reach those figure. Thanks and good luck also for you.

Question 10: When will we have a new album without so many tubular bells and more scottish bagpipes like in 'Voyager? I've got all your discography and I'm tired of so many Tubular Bells reeditions. Are you going to renew your contract with warner spain to make more albums in forthcoming years? Sergio, 29 años, Oviedo.

I like all sorts of music, I'll make more celtic music, but maybe not a complete album. Actually there has just been one new recording of Tubular Bells. I'm glad to work with Warner Spain and with its friendly people.

Question 11: Hi Mike! What is the instrument without which you could not live?

The guitar.

Queston 12: Mike, have yo you got idea of how many millions of records yo you have sold up to the moment? have yo you got a web?

The web is www.mikeoldfield.com. I think i may have sold around 25 millions copies.

Question 13: I think your music awakes our sensitivities. Thanks. Who or what influences you to make your music?

It's a great mistery for me. Sometimes it emerges from my inside, from my emotions, from my heart and as I sometimes say, from an unidentified mysterious place.

Question 14: What is the album yo you are more proud of?

Always the last, that's why now it's tb2003.

Question 15: What is the thing that has given you in your life the most satisfaction?

It may be to cook my sunday's dinner: roast meat with potatos.

Question 16: The most valued works by your fans are those that contain a complex instrumental work performed with traditional instruments like 'ommadawn' or 'hergest ridge'. will you ever work on an album in this style or in the opposite will you go on with simplicity and computers?

In a press conference this morning I asked the audience whether I should compose short pieces of music or long instrumentals. Most of them chose instrumental works. Now I'd like to do it with a mix of traditional instruments and computers.

Question 17: In this recording of Tubular Bells, excepting keyboards and synths, are the rest of the instruments real? or have any of them been performed by software? Have you added chamber music to the album?

No, they are all traditional instruments. I've replayed them again with a bit of synth. No, I haven't added chamber music.

Question 18: I admit the music I like the best is the one from Mike Oldfield, Art of Noise and Jean Michel Jarre, but I've got a doubt, how have yo you chosen female voices along years?

Sometimes I like having female voices in some of my themes. For example, in 1978 I included Maggie Reilly's voice. I decided that I wanted she to sing 'Moonlight Shadow'

Question 19: Hi, I've got Tr3s Lunas and the bells trilogy, and i love your music. Have you got something on mind for the moment yo you make the videos of this last work in Spain? Will yo you do them like the videogame in Tr3s lunas (by the way very well done)? thanks. Cecilia.

I'm working on one of them. It will probably be ready for the end of this year and it will be called 'The Tube World'. Thanks.

Question 20: Mike, I've never listened anything compared to 'Five Miles Out', specially 'Taurus ll'. is this the album with what yo you felt more emotionally committed with?

What I did in that case is to have Phil Collins on drums and later I worked it out to make it fit the band.

Question 21: Will it be a premiere for TB2003?

No, there's not going to be a live concert. It has been made a launch for the press.

Question 22: It's said that Tubular Bells is copy protected, what do yo you think about bootlegging?

My computer programs are prepared in Spain, on the other hand I've also been talking about the matter with my lawyers. I've got opposing feelings about it, I think if I were young I would like to copy all my favourite music, but there's people starting their careers... how could they follow their careers if they don't sell their music?

Question 23: Many people think the main reason for the re recording of Tubular Bells was that Mike Oldfield had run out of ideas. I'd like to know your opinion about that.

When this project began, it was the first idea that came to my mind, but I have to tell yo you that I've got plenty of ideas for new compositions. However it's also true that it was the right moment to re record Tubular Bells.

Question 24: what will be the new thing about the music in the Tube World?

It will be ambient music cause it's the music that best fits with a computer game.

Question 25: Yo you have worked around a lot of different musical aspects: pop, contemporary instrumental music, new age, soundtracks, electronic, etc... Have you ever thought about doing an album completely classical? Thanks Mike, yo you are the most creative musician in our time.

I don't have a classical training though I sometimes use orchestras. I prefer doing things on my own.

Question 26: Hi, I'm Iñaki from Pamplona. I read the interview in which yo you commented that you'd like to make an album with celtic sounds, have yo you ever thought about some collaboration with any of the spanish celtic musicians (with international fame). It would be great. Greetings and thank yo you for being in all your fans' lives.

In my last tour, the gallegos Luar Na Lubre performed with me. I love this kind of music, but for my next project I am not going to include this kind of music. Greetings and thank yo you for your kind words.

Question 27: I've read you want to take a rest and enjoy life... does it mean we are not going to see more new compositions in a long time?

I'm in a moment in which I'm thinking about what my next project will be. I'm not clear about it. For the moment we will enjoy TB2003 and The Tube World. Farewell message: Thank yo you for your messages and very specially for the fact that yo you enjoy.

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