Tres Lunas: Oldfield's Musical Jewel

July 19, 2002

Pravda (Slovak)

:) (smiling face, the best assessment)

After the release of three albums during two years (1998 and 1999) world-famous musician Mike Oldfield left studios looking for loneliness. He moved to Ibiza to relish the sun, nature and the atmosphere of the community of old hippies as well as music - his greatest love since his father taught him first guitar accords. Although being a musical legend and having sold 16 million albums, he needn't touch whatsoever instrument or write one single note. It was like an apparition when in May 1973 Mike fascinated audience with original composition Tubular Bells. He played the parts of twenty instruments himself. Developing of musical themes reminded of impressionistic magician Maurice Ravel and his brilliant Bolero. Oldfield has tried several musical styles but Tr3s Lunas are Mike's return to the roots of his production, although he did dress them in electronic clothes. Limpid tones of fourteen compositions sound like pure drops of summer rain. Brittle melodic lines pulsate in hidden tension and their vaults reflect the universe of human emotions and the secrets of distant galaxies. Oldfield offers boundless joy, elation by the lights of the life and playful musical ideas. Oldfield's new musical jewel has double effect: it is very reliable medicine for careworn soul as well as it multiplies pleasure of happy people.

Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield