Tres Lunas Review - Plato Mania

June 21, 2002

Plato Mania (Dutch magazine)

The title says "MO's Chill Out album" and with that everything is said. Everyone who reads this magazine will remember the tune of "The Exorcist", also known under the title "Tubular Bells". These tubular bells could possibly go into the books as creator Des Lounge, even though it dates back from 1974 (!). The brother of Sally Oldfield, who on Tres Lunas again shows her cooperation, has possibly realised that and has put a gentle and trendy beat under his well known sound. A logical step for the multi-instrumentalist who promised years ago not to touch a single electrical instrument, a promise which he broke shortly after, because his music wasn't selling well and began to show some muzak. With this offer of the present day this still is, thanks to the single To Be Free, a remarkable highlight. After summers with St. Germain and Gare du Nord, this will be the summer of Tres Lunas, like a Moonlight Shadow on the Wall. You are warned: it still is a Mike Oldfield!

*** (three stars out of five)

Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield